New law protects Seattle employees from erratic work schedules

by KOMO Staff

SEATTLE – A new law designed to protect Seattle’s restaurant and retail employees went into effect Saturday.

The Secure Scheduling Law is designed to help hourly workers with erratic work schedules. The new law impacts more than 1000 businesses, including REI and Nordstrom.


The law mandates that employers post work schedules at least 14 days in advance.

It also decrees that employees have at least 10 hours off in-between shifts and give scheduling preference to employees with child and healthcare needs, as well as those who have educational requests.

For many retail employees, this is a big deal.

“I know my fiance is looking forward to it,” Parker Seanan, a local resident, said. “If she has to work a late shift and then early the next morning, she gets time-and-a-half, which is awesome.”

For other companies, such as Ivars, a Seattle-based seafood chain, the new law doesn’t change much.

Ivars President Bob Donegan says the company has always scheduled people with lots of time. He also says the restaurant’s hours of operation allow for lots of time off between shifts.

The ordinance only affects businesses with more than 500 employees, which some people say isn’t fair, pointing out that it ignores employees at smaller stores and restaurants.

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