NEW VLOG: Lockdown a coincidence or not?

For years GEO Group’s Adelanto Detention Facility has worked very hard to minimize its heinous track record of neglect by silencing detainees and their families. 

So we went to the Adelanto Detention Center to visit with detainees and hear their stories. But what happened while we were there was shocking and affirmed the vital importance of this work. Not only did we see detainees outside in 115-degree heat but we returned knowing one thing for certain, ICE and GEO group don’t want us to tell this story.

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What is ICE and GEO Group hiding? What are they afraid of? Is it just a coincidence that the Adelanto Detention Center was placed on lockdown when they found out we were coming? See what happen for yourself when we went to the Adelanto Detention Center.


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Jim Miller, Executive Director