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Tell the Senate to vote NO!

Senate leadership may have delayed the vote on their higher cost, less coverage health care scheme, but make no mistake: they still want to pass this bad bill, and right now they are trying to cut side deals with key Senators to get to 50 votes.

Make sure Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray don’t give an inch. Tell them to oppose any health care bill that would make Americans pay higher costs for less coverage!

the Senate can tweak the bill all they want, but they can’t turn this lemon into a peach. Their plan would send premiums skyrocketing, weaken Medicare, and risk the Medicaid coverage of millions of seniors and people with disabilities. All to give a massive handout to big drug and insurance companies and other special interests.

The Senate needs to scrap this awful plan and start from scratch. Help make sure that your Senators are crystal clear on where you stand: Tell Sen. Cantwell and Sen. Murray to oppose this bill that raises costs and reduces coverage, and to vote NO if it ever reaches the floor.

Thanks for doing your part to keep up the pressure, C. I’ll be in touch soon with more updates.


Fred Griesbach
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