so,while you’re not looking republicans plan to …

Republicans are ready for a busy week after the July 4 recess and Senator Grassley, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee is planning a vote on the confirmation of two of Trump’s most extreme judicial nominees: John K. Bush and Damien M. Schiff. Both of these nominees are notorious for their Fox News-like blog posts which display temperaments that disqualify them for lifetime seats on the federal bench.

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Here’s just a sampling of what Bush and Schiff have written and said:

  • Bush thinks that abortion rights are a “tragedy” on par with slavery
  • Bush believes there should be more money in politics, not less
  • Bush, blogging under a pseudonym, relied on articles from an alt-right website that promoted birtherism
  • Schiff wrote that sitting justice Anthony Kennedy is a “judicial prostitute”
  • Schiff said schools that advocate against anti-LGBTQ bullying are “teaching gayness”

Both of these nominees have experiences advocating for corporations over people and support legal theories that would allow even more big money to be spent on our elections. They are unfit to serve as Federal judges.

It is clear that Bush and Schiff’s definition of justice does not extend to all Americans — please ask your senators to oppose their nominations>>

Thank you for all you do!

–Katie O’Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator