climate change! a letter to Angela Merkel ~ Add your Name ~

Dear friends,

Trump’s going to try to hijack a meeting of the world’s 20 most powerful nations and turn it into an attack on our planet and the Paris climate deal.

Unless Germany’s Angela Merkel stops him.

She’s one of the great climate leaders of our generation and could push hard to isolate Trump with a plan for 100% clean energy from the remaining 19 countries. But she’ll need to know she has massive support from everywhere to take this unprecedented step. Sign with just one click, then share the open letter to Merkel — we have just days to hit 1 million and Avaaz will print it in major German media ahead of the summit!

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

We reject Trump’s attempts to divide the world on climate change.

And we call on you to lead us to a safe, sustainable future, with or without the USA.

As you welcome the G20 to Germany, we ask you to stand up to Trump by leading the 19 remaining countries to commit to a 100% clean energy future.

As the ‘Climate Chancellor’, your leadership has given us hope that climate catastrophe can be avoided. That hope is precious. Billions across our beautiful planet are now counting on you to protect it.

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The global Avaaz movement poured its heart and soul into securing the landmark Paris Agreement. Now we must rise together to defend it, and with it, our people’s future. Join the campaign and forward this email to everyone you know.

With hope and determination,

Christoph, Bert, Patricia, Camille, René & the whole Avaaz team