An urgent — and huge — message! We must RESIST Trump and the polluters to DEFEND the planet now

Are you ready to join the Summer of Resistance?   Greenpeace

Trump and his team have kicked off the summer by unleashing a firestorm of attacks on our climate, water, air, and health. Just days ago, we responded to these attacks with a giant message on Chicago’s Trump Tower: RESIST and DEFEND.

We must resist Trump’s dangerous anti-environment agenda and defend our planet now — because time is quickly running out. That’s why Greenpeace just took action in Chicago, and why we are making this summer a Summer of Resistance — a groundswell of creative resistance all across the across the country. But to do it, we need your help!

The only way to defeat Trump and the polluters is through people power. And building that power at the community level is how we’ll win. You see the impact every day: mayors and governors are defying Trump and committing to clean energy and environmental justice because the people have demanded it. With your support now, we’ll train, empower, and mobilize even more activists to stand up against injustice where they are through non-violent direct action. 

Will you chip in right now to help power this Summer of Resistance? Every $30 donation allows us to train one more person in creative, non-violent resistance — so please give today to support the Summer of Resistance and all of Greenpeace’s vital work.

The latest warning from climate experts is dire: The world must take significant action within three years if we’re to stop the worst effects of catastrophic climate change. With so much on the line, I worry about the future we might leave for my daughter and children across the country.

This is the moment to give your all. Please donate now to strengthen our movement, grow the power of our voices, and train activists to take a stand in their communities. It has never mattered more.

Yours in the fight for our climate and communities,

Kelly Mitchell
Climate and Energy Director, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Chicago has long history of resistance, and I was proud to see my city take action in this critical moment. Together, we’ll oppose Trump’s attacks anywhere through acts of resistance everywhere. Our Summer of Resistance is rising but we need YOUR help now to make change!



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