Tell your congressional members that Healthcare is NOT a partisan pawn

WethePeopleWe have to make trump supporters/voters know that Health care is NOT a partisan entity or pawn to be played with. The idea that folks should have great healthcare based on financial status,and yes some take the risk and pay the fine, others seem to be denied healthcare based on a political/social bias while most Americans have to fight to get a chance at a higher standard or good quality of life is beyond my sensibilities.

I don’t know about you but i believe health care should be given to each and every person in America, but it seems republicans have a different attitude about that.  Now, in this era of trump the cut burn and slash mentality is, could, can or will become a reality that has been beaten back with common sense thoughts and behavior until this 21st Century change in our society. Now, not only is it a matter of common sense it’s a question  of  the quality of life that is at risk whether trump supporters believe it or not the facts are there if they would just do the research. The idea that folks let alone trump supporters can afford privatized health care is almost a joke but as we all know, sadly privatization means no caps, no control, no accountability, and almost always means a lack or opportunity to challenge your carrier let alone appeal …

Health Care along with the right to vote are human rights! they should not be considered privileges only some  in America can have access to.