Urgent: This could kill the Amazon! Bert Wander – Avaaz

Brazil is about to hand over protected Amazon parkland the size of Portugal to corrupt businessmen for mining, logging and farming. But we can stop it, and other plans like it. Brazil is desperate to sign a trade deal with the EU — let’s demand Europe makes any deal conditional on Brazil stopping Amazon destruction! Sign now and share widely.


Dear friends,

Breaking news — Brazil is about to hand over a giant protected Amazon parkland the size of Portugal (!) to corrupt businessmen for mining, logging and farming.

Scientists say moves like this could tip the whole Amazon into catastrophic crisis — warning the whole forest ecosystem could collapse!

But there’s a way we can stop it. Brazil is desperate to sign a huge trade deal with the EU this year — let’s demand Europe makes any deal conditional on stopping Amazon destruction.

Click to sign the petition, and when it’s massive, we’ll deliver it straight to the EU negotiating team to stop Brazil killing the Amazon. 

Europe: Stop Brazil butchering the Amazon!

Brazil’s Amazon crisis is being driven by massive corruption — many of the politicians backing these laws own companies that would benefit from Amazon destruction!

As things stand those companies would profit from the deal, which covers trade between Europe and South American countries like Brazil and Argentina.  But France has just said it will ban destructive Amazon imports, and if Europe does the same, we can show it doesn’t pay to destroy the forest.

Let’s build a giant call to Europe to make sure this trade deal protects the Amazon! Sign now, share widely and let’s stop corruption killing the Amazon. 

Europe: Stop Brazil butchering the Amazon!

The Amazon produces 20% of our oxygen, is home to 10% of species on Earth and is a key defence against climate change. If we lose it, we could lose everything — which is why the Avaaz community has fought to protect it time and time again.

With hope and determination,
Bert, Mia, Fatima, Caro, Nell, Emma, Oscar and the whole Avaaz team

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