dave reichert …. time to defeat him



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It’s time to DEFEAT Trump-supporting Congressman Dave Reichert!
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folks — Republicans are trying to run our country into the ground. So we can’t pull any punches. We’re going all-out to defeat them — starting with Dave Reichert and his Republican friends in Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Washingtonians are sick of Reichert stringing us along:

  • He voted for Trumpcare before claiming he was against it
  • He’s a reliable rubber stamp for the Trump-Ryan agenda

And his silence on critical issues is deafening:

  • He was silent as Trump fired FBI Director James Comey
  • And he’s been hiding from his constituents by refusing to hold any town halls

We’ve never had a better chance to kick Reichert and other Trump-supporting Republicans out of office and replace them with strong Democrats who will truly represent Washington. But we can’t get it done without you, Carmen! Will you chip in to our Defeat Reichert Fund today and help us beat Republicans all across Washington? 

— WA Dems