The opening shot has been fired ~ Jamie Williams, The Wilderness Society

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No president has ever acted to rescind a national monument. I never thought it could happen.

But the recent interim recommendation to revoke large swaths of Bears Ears National Monument shows us anything is possible. Millions of acres of public lands could be taken away from us, and from our children and grandchildren, if we don’t fight back now.

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On August 24, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will announce the Trump Administration’s plan for 27 of our national monuments. There’s ample reason for concern.

For the first time in history, they could act to rescind a national monument. Or they could recommend the loss of millions more acres of public lands by shrinking existing monuments.

Whatever they do, WE have to be ready. I’m asking for your most generous donation so we can:

  • Continue our public mobilization in defense of public lands
  • Defend the Antiquities Act
  • Prepare for legal action if necessary

The Trump Administration has fired their opening shot. You can be sure, it won’t be their last attack on our public lands. The question is, will you help defend these national treasures for future generations, and for wildlife to thrive?

I will. And I’m hoping you will, too. Please make your most generous donation now.

The Trump-Zinke move to shrink Bears Ears National Monument must be a call to action! Don’t let them take what’s yours. It’s time to fight back. Are you with us?


Jamie Williams
President, The Wilderness Society