#BlackWomensEqualPayDay ~ 7/31/2017

Reclaiming my time…   

Did you know black women need to work seven months into the year on average to be paid the same as their white male counterparts? Well, it’s true: Black women are paid 67 cents on the dollar relative to their white male equals, and today—#BlackWomensEqualPayDay—marks how far into the new year African American women must work to bridge this gap. This means that while Equal Pay Day for women overall—the date until which women need to work through 2017 to earn as much as white men did in 2016 alone—fell on April 4, 2017, black women must work through July 31 to earn as much as white men did in 2016.

Their work too often goes unrecognized, yet they play a critical role in the success of their families, their workplaces, and their communities.  Compared with other groups, black mothers have the highest rates of being the primary or sole breadwinner for their families.
Janaye Ingram, a national organizer and board member of the Women’s March explains more  here and will be featured on this week’s episode of Thinking Cap. For even more information, check out this CAP  write up  and today’s panel discussion on the importance of black women’s activism and the power of black grassroots leaders in the Trump era.

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