Keeping guns away from abusers … Alliance for Gun Responsibility


True or false: The presence of guns in a domestic violence situation makes it five times more likely that someone will be killed by a domestic abuser.


we reached a great milestone in our push for commonsense gun policies here in Washington this month. Authorities are now required to notify domestic violence survivors when a convicted abuser, or a person against whom a protective order has been taken out, tries to buy a firearm.

We know that our advocacy is working – the enactment of House Bill 1501 is proof of that. But every year, too many people are shot and killed by their abusers – so it’s on us to keep calling for the kind of legislation that will save more lives. Take our quiz today to learn more about this issue.

we need your help if we’re going to be successful in our efforts to protect survivors. No one should ever be afraid of what their abuser will do if they gain access to a gun. Let’s make sure states nationwide pass policies like House Bill 1501 that better ensure survivors’ safety. Spend one minute taking our quiz to learn more about responsible gun legislation that will protect survivors of domestic violence.

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Alliance for Gun Responsibility