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What happens if you or a loved one is arrested and accused of a crime? You have to “bail” out, but could you afford to pay $1,500, $100,000 or $250,000 to get out of jail? What happens if you can’t afford your bail?

Money bail is one of the main feeders of America’s mass incarceration system – and yet few people know how it all works. Test your knowledge of the money bail system right now. Will you play and share Two Truths and One Lie – Poverty Jailing Edition?

Instructions: All three stories are based on true events, but only one story contains a factual error about the money bail system.


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Next week we’ll be launching new content about money bail– and your support is vital to this work. With your help, we are working to bring a human face to policy, and bring local and national exposure to the broken bail system.

If you’d like a quick refresher on the bail industry watch Breaking Down Bail. This film was the first in our current campaign, and we’ve already organized 100 house parties in California to screen it. We’re leveraging our grassroots distribution network to mobilize audiences to action.

Thanks for your support, more to come next week.


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