Going solar: Good for the planet, your family, and the Amazon!

Take a brief phone call and receive a custom solar proposal by email, and Amazon Watch will receive a $100 donation!

We can raise $50,000 to install solar energy systems in indigenous communities in the Amazon if only 500 of our supporters take ten minutes to participate in this campaign. carmen, will you help?

Fill out a quick form and you will receive a brief phone call explaining the options for going solar in your neighborhood, and whether you go solar or not, we will receive a $100 donation for our work in the Amazon when you receive a quote by email. And if you decide to go solar after finding out what you can save, we will receive an additional $500. Your personal information will only be shared with one solar education partner who serves your area, and you’ll only be called once.


Confronting climate change is one of the most vital issues of our time. It will take both individual and collective action to move past the fossil fuel age and learn to live in way that respects the environment and furthers climate justice.

That’s why Amazon Watch supports our indigenous allies in the Amazon to embrace clean renewable energy, and it’s why we promote actions all of our supporters can take. Today, we’re sharing this awesome opportunity for our supporters – including you – to go solar while directly supporting indigenous communities doing the same thing.

Please take ten minutes to learn about your options for solar energy and to support our work in the Amazon!