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Alliance for Gun Responsibility
– with Donald Trump in the White House and politicians backed by the gun lobby controlling Congress, the best way to pass commonsense gun responsibility legislation is by doing it right here, in states like Washington.

That’s why we need your help: to take back the state legislature this November and achieve gun responsibility reform that will save lives. But POLITICO reports that right-wing groups are ready to spend big to defeat us.

Manka Dhingra’s race for state Senate in Washington’s 45th District is the only one in America that can flip control of an entire Legislature, but we’re falling short of our $10,000 goal and time’s running out before the deadline. We need you to give $5 or more right now to help stand up to the gun lobby in Washington and take back the state legislature.

Click here to give $5 or more right now to stand up to the gun lobby and take back control of the state legislature.
Manka Dhingra is one of the strongest gun responsibility advocates in the state of Washington – we desperately need to put control of the Senate in the hands of leaders like her who are ready to take on the gun lobby. But she’s counting on Alliance supporters like you:

Organizations like the Alliance are critical to helping build grassroots power to help advance legislation, and make sure we have leaders in our state willing to stand up for safety and well-being. - Manka Dhingra, Candidate for State Senate in Washington's 45th District

This election is CRUCIAL for taking back the state legislature and standing up to President Trump. But we’re counting on you to give now, every dollar you can, to have the resources to win:

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This bill NEEDS to pass


Tell your Senators: Support the Ban on Chlorpyrifos! | Take Action

Friend –

“You don’t do those things lightly.” That’s how Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt justifies cancelling a scheduled ban of chlorpyrifos, a toxic pesticide that harms kids’ brains.

Are you kidding me??? What we shouldn’t take lightly is damage to our kids – but that is EXACTLY what Pruitt is doing.

Here is the good news: We have another chance to get chlorpyrifos off the market for good – despite Pruitt’s decision to protect the pesticide industry rather than children’s health.

Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., introduced a bill with Sens. Kamala Harris of California, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Richard Durbin of Illinois, Ben Cardin of Marlyand and Ed Markey of Massachusetts that would override Pruitt’s decision and BAN chlorpyrifos once and for all.

Research has linked chlorpyrifos to nervous system damage, autism, ADHD and lower IQs in young children whose mothers were exposed during pregnancy. According to the EPA, chlorpyrifos is applied to more than 30 percent of apples, grapes and cherries grown in the U.S. While residues of chlorpyrifos are rarely detected on these crops, even trace amounts are harmful for kids.

This is our BEST chance to get this toxic pesticide off the market, and we need to make sure every single senator is listening. Can we count on you to stand with us, Friend?

Make sure the ban on chlorpyrifos passes: Click here to urge your senators to stand up to Big Ag and support S.1624 to BAN chlorpyrifos!

Scott Pruitt has a history of being cozy with polluters and pesticide lobbyists, and announced his decision on chlorpyrifos just weeks after meeting with Dow Chemical’s CEO, who just a few months prior gave President Trump $1 million to help pay for his inauguration! It’s clear that under Scott Pruitt, we can’t trust the EPA to stand up for our health.

By the EPA’s own calculations, typical exposures to chlorpyrifos for babies are five times greater than their proposed “safe” intake, and 11 to 15 times higher for toddlers and kids. Exposure doesn’t stop in the produce aisle – for farmworkers and those living in agricultural areas chlorpyrifos poses an even greater risk. This bill would ban chlorpyrifos, ending these harmful exposures and protecting future generations.

We need to make sure this bill passes and that fight starts today. Take action right now to stand up for your right to healthy food and a clean environment.

Tell your senators: Protect children from harmful exposures to the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos – support the bill to BAN chlorpyrifos!

Thanks for standing with us, Friend.

– EWG Action Alert