The changejustice project ~ Jon Perri

Did you know that you’re one of’s most active signers on criminal justice reform? In fact, you’ve signed over 50 petitions just in the the last year! That’s why you’re the first to hear about our new project, changejustice.I’m Jon Perri,’s Director of Campaigns & Partnerships and the photo below is of me and Sharanda Jones. Sharanda was given a life sentence for a first time nonviolent drug offense and served nearly 17 years before receiving clemency from President Obama.

For over two years I helped her daughter with a petition that nearly 300,000 people signed. When she was finally free, those supporters raised over $25,000 to help her start her new life. That’s the kind of impact I want to see more of.

Through our new changejustice project, you’ll hear directly from people like Sharanda who served mandatory minimum sentences, from members of Congress working to improve the system, and from key organizations working on the most important pieces of legislation. It won’t just be petitions — we’ll send you powerful photos, videos, interviews and more to help you make the biggest impact on criminal justice reform.

The changejustice project launches soon, but one simple way you can support it right now is just by following us on Facebook and Twitter where you’ll find news, petitions, research, and more. Please follow us.

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