Why plead guilty to a crime you didn’t commit?

Brave New Films

“Plea deals are a deal with the Devil,” says defense attorney Michael Curls. He would know. Many of his clients have faced an impossible decision – sit behind bars waiting for trial because their money bail is set absurdly high, or accept a “deal” with the prosecutor by pleading guilty now. The plea deal system is being abused by prosecutors to rack up convictions – and money bail is one of the biggest incentives prosecutors use to do it.

Watch “A Deal with the Devil” and share it – help us expose every scheme used in this unjust system to feed mass incarceration.

More than 95% of Americans who have a criminal conviction have also accepted a plea deal. Join Brave New Films in fighting back against bad plea deals by helping us end money bail, a system that perpetuates poor people taking terrible “deals” for a little short-term, short-lived freedom. Please help us get the word out now about the movement to end money bail.

We all need to do our part – watch, share, take action.


Robert Greenwald
President, Brave New Films