Paul Ryan says GOP is coming back for our earned benefits ~ Michael Phelan, Social Security Works ~

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The tax plan is just the first step in Republicans’ war on seniors. Speaker Paul Ryan just said that they’re coming “back next year at entitlement reform.” Sign the petition to Congress demanding that they stop attacking our earned benefits and reject a tax plan that triggers automatic cuts to Medicare.

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Social Security has never added one penny to our deficit or our national debt. It has a $2.8 trillion surplus and can pay out 100% of benefits owed for the next 17 years and approximately 80% of benefits after that. Donald Trump was elected after promising not to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Yet, conservatives in Washington and on Wall Street consistently try to destroy our earned benefits.

Now, Republicans are on the verge of passing a tax scam that―if passed―would add at least $1 trillion to our national debt, just to provide massive tax breaks to wealthy donors and big corporations, and trigger $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare over the next decade. And according to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, they’re just getting warmed up.

Speaker Ryan indicated that the tax plan is just the first step toward making even bigger cuts to Medicare, as well as cutting Medicaid and Social Security:

Paul Ryan: “We’re going to have to get back next year at entitlement reform.”1

No one voted last November to cut our earned benefits! Yet that is exactly what Republicans are preparing to do. And passing their disastrous tax plan―which triggers $400 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare―is the first step.

Sign the petition to all members of Congress demanding that they reject a tax plan that cuts Medicare, and that they stop their war on seniors and working families.

We can still stop this tax plan and protect the future of Medicare. Democrats are unanimously on our side, and all we need is two more Republican Senators or 11 more Republican Representatives.

The final vote is expected as early as next week. And it’s going to be close!

Sign the petition today demanding all members of Congress reject the tax plan―the first step toward destroying Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!

Thank you for standing up and making our voices heard.


Michael Phelan
Social Security Works

1 Washington Post: Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018

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