Jeff Bezos

We are Working Washington

Dear Friends,

Amazon is literally run by the world’s richest person. Of course they should pay their taxes. But in the midst of a homelessness crisis in their hometown, Amazon isn’t interested in doing their part.

Instead, they’re making it worse.

Amazon is not only opposing a City Council proposal for a progressive tax on the few hundred largest businesses in Seattle. They’re actually threatening the people of Seattle by claiming they’ll pause construction depending on how and when the City Council votes. That’s not just greed — it’s behavior you might expect from a subprime mob boss lording it over a company town.

It’s also a crime.

Under RCW 9A.76.180, it’s illegal to use threats to intimidate public servants and influence their votes. The company should be prosecuted for it.

Sign on to tell Attorney General Bob Ferguson to prosecute Amazon for their mob boss behavior. Then keep on clicking to send a letter straight to City Council members to let them know that you think Amazon needs to pay.

We know that corporations owned by the richest people in the world typically oppose progressive taxes. And we’ve come to expect that they’ll routinely issue misleading info & make all kinds of wrong predictions about the impacts of progressive moves by public officials. While the Chicken Little routine can be tedious, it’s not a felony.

But issuing threats to cause harm in order to influence the votes of elected officials is a different matter. It’s a criminal act, and it should be treated as such.

If you’re sick of putting up with Amazon’s bullying, take action by sending a letter to Attorney General Ferguson, and then telling the Seattle City Council why you support the proposed tax for homeless services.

The city has heard enough threats from Jeff Bezos — now they need to hear from us.

Working Washington


Stop Animal Death Ships

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She’s literally cooking from the inside.

A whistleblower secretly filmed this — thousands crammed on a filthy ship, slowly boiling to death in the blazing heat. Millions are transported like this every year! But now governments are scrambling before a global meeting on animal welfare — let’s build a massive call to end these death ships!


Avaazers have powered undercover investigations and raised the alarm about cruelty to animals time and again. Now, let’s take on and take out the live export trade.

In shock and determination,
Mike, Bert, Rewan, Nick, Jenny, Alice, Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

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Rally with Amazonian Leaders to Tell California to Go Fossil Fuel-Free!

California’s oil and gas production is harming communities from the Ecuadorian Amazon to Richmond, California. Gloria and Manari Ushigua, Sápara indigenous leaders, will join Bay Area allies to expose the impacts of the fossil fuel economy on both people and our shared planet.

We will gather outside of the Chevron refinery in Richmond – one of the state’s biggest polluters – to highlight that company’s toxic legacy in Ecuador and its role in causing ongoing destruction from the Amazon to California.

Thursday, May 17th @ 8 am

Chevron Refinery
525 Castro Street in Richmond