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I am a Mom, new grams. I earned my BA and all opinions if any, are my own. I supported President Barack Obama for both terms and had high . I am an event worker, buyer/seller/user of new, reclaimed, vintage and gently used household items, having been a part of the work force since age 18 and after experiencing some issues with some folks, I had to quickly learn and become an Activist/Advocate for my children, my family, and myself.  I consider myself a supporter & union organizer, was a canvasser for childcare provider rights, a food bank volunteer in association with my child’s daycare and social fundraiser. Now, older still active

I come from a fishing hunting based family and as a kid I ran track, was a song dance and cheerleader, a gymnast with 10yrs of dance training, love reading, music, food, gorgeous men and movies – Not necessarily in that order. I grew up wearing hand-me-downs as a kid, all the women in my family sew and all were influenced by designers like Donna Karan, Albert Nippon, Mizrahi and Diane Von Furstenberg among others and they all definitely had an impact on my love for fashion over the years. When I left home, I became an avid designer & thrift shopper while in college and to be honest,  designer and great thrift shopping was an unknown entity where i come from, but the move to the city changed that. The city screamed Urban, Designer and Thrift shops that were everywhere, the prices and the fashion choices beyond right. I say avid because shopping is definitely a sport and by definition avid means having an ardent desire marked by a keen interest and enthusiasm, which describes my state of my mind when I shop for designer and or thrift. After becoming a part of the work force my shopping changed to more designer brands and the thrift shopper waned …not forgotten but my preference changed over the years. Then life stepped in and forced me into taking a step backward to look at what is important.

I cannot begin to tell people how compelled I feel sometimes, to take home- reclaim pieces sitting on the curbside that have absolutely nothing wrong or have a slight flaw that might need a little work or that my kids have been beyond embarrassed at times and thankful as well after getting a great reclaimed repurposed item. Yes, we are at a time when going back to the basics makes sense, yet this is not  the only reasons I recycle, reclaim, or push reuse to be sure and I do not take every piece for obvious reasons. It is important to say that living a more sustainable lifestyle is just more cost effective, it was the way my family lived. My dad was a steel worker but fishing hunting, the right way, gave him life… My mom, who along with some friends were green living activists in our neighborhood and advocates for those in need, anyway, my mom recycled everything that can be and anything biodegradable was usually used in her garden mymommie  -she lived a green life, was a teacher while in Florida, moved from FL to Washington alone, to find a better place to bring up my sibs while my dad worked, they both worked hard over the years to maintain a household of 10photo 1 while staying active in the community, registered voters, and attended marches for worker, women and human rights with a focus on VETS.  photo 1

Yes, we all had chores but her garden of greens, herbs, etc. worked only by her and often accompanied by food from the fishing/hunting trips from family and friends she was my DIY Mentor and I think about her every day like most children. I definitely was a hand-full as a kid and though none of us could fill her shoes, we definitely reflect upon her as our mentor and power source. After years of watching others be subjected to and having experienced discrimination myself in school and in the workforce I felt a need to stand up against, help mobilize and find solutions for issues like discrimination, child care, landlord tenant/union and worker rights, which came very easy.

My grams, pictured below had her own business which is amazing and definitely makes you wonder … mygrammieshe was born in 1893, a woman of colour, here she is with her pearls, handmade dress and matching hat! told she was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Not sure what led me to,” Be a Seed for Change”, but probably the need to follow the rules as a reseller in my State/City so I definitely have the proper permits/licenses etc. as well as life experiences, several business ideas and names later had a profound impact on wanting to live a more socially conscious lifestyle.   I can say my family history and a combination of what I have learned loved and have several years of experience tends to become a part of who you are , the job doesn’t define you, but the interests of living green is a choice a life in full circle and includes, but not limited

Virtual Thrift Shop Owner

Act locally ~~ Aim globally

The Fight Hunger Project

Reuse Redecorate Re-purpose Reclaim

~~ Reduce ~~

The amount of materials going into landfills



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