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trump wants a bill to allow Employers to deny Women Birth Control ~reminder

just another rant …

A allowing employers to coverage as part of their health insurance for any religious or moral reason?

Does this guy know, do republicans in congress know or care about the statistics regarding “unsafe abortions” in America? It would be nice for voters to know if these people even care why providing an affordable safe place for not just abortions is important …planned parenthood allows women&men btw to get help get information and procedures if needed not just because.  No woman advocates for abortion but there are legit reasons to exercise your rights and no person should get between a woman and her doctor …we want women to have choice, preferably use birth control for family planning and what seems to be left out of all of this … it takes two to engage in sex so what part or role do men have in any of this nonsense or higher standard that republicans seem to push upon women? I don’t believe men think about having to experience any of this ish because most feel ….politicians show it with comments on the floor of Congress then vote the reality of their privileged lives …Not what average jane and or joe is living.


JPMorgan Chase: Defund Tar Sands Pipelines !

Take action!

Dangerous tar sands oil pipelines aren’t built on their own. They’re funded by financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase.

Tar sands oil is one of the dirtiest fuels out there — and pipelines like Keystone XL will carry this oil across the U.S., threatening hundreds of communities along their routes. But we CAN stop these pipeline projects by going after their funding.

That’s why we’re asking you, during the Summer of Resistance, to help us reach our goal of sending 50,000 letters to JPMorgan Chase — so we can show them that each individual voice matters and we will RESIST their attempts to promote dirty energy.

We stand in solidarity with the Indigenous leaders campaigning to stop banks from funding these disastrous projects that tread on the rights of sovereign Indigenous nations.

These projects also tread on the rights of private landowners, threaten communities with horrific spills, and risk locking us into catastrophic climate change.

JPMorgan Chase has a large financial stake in the construction of multiple tar sands pipelines — and it should be held accountable

Tar sands pipelines are built to benefit private companies — while communities and the planet suffer. Institutions like JPMorgan Chase should know that when they fund projects that harm communities, they risk significant material and reputational damage. So we’re putting them on notice.

The public outcry against tar sands pipeline funding is already making a difference. This month, Desjardins, the largest association of credit unions in North America, announced a freeze on funding for ALL oil pipelines. International investment banking giants, including ING, have also publicly committed to not fund tar sands pipelines. Now we need major U.S. banks like JPMorgan Chase to do the same.

Ask JPMorgan Chase to do the right thing and end all funding for tar sands oil pipelines today!


Diana Best
Senior Climate & Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. These pipelines are being built against the wishes of Indigenous tribes, communities, and private landowners, putting their safety and futures at risk. Tell JPMorgan Chase to stand with the people and planet and end funding for dangerous tar sands oil pipelines!