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a message from gov Inslee … why I did it

Jay Inslee


Last week, I made a hard decision, but it’s one I am proud of.

I vetoed a tax cut for businesses that was passed in the dark of night — a tax cut that would let businesses pay less, just as we’re asking hardworking families to pay more for our children’s education. Worse yet, 21% of the revenue of this cut would have been given to out-of-state oil companies, and there was absolutely no accountability.

This part of the bill was, simply, unfair. It cannot be justified or excused to raise taxes on hardworking families while lowering taxes for businesses. This is revenue that could be used for our schools, our early learning programs, college tuition, and public safety. This is revenue that could be used to meet our Washington citizens’ needs — not pad the pockets of Big Oil.

Here’s the thing: Republicans knew this would cause outrage. That’s why they tried to slip this into the budget in the dead of night. They knew it wouldn’t fly if debated publicly. And that’s why they’ve been attacking me since the veto, holding the legislative process hostage, and trying to build support to overturn my veto.

Please stand with me — for fairness, for Washington families, and for our kids. Voice your support now.

Please, sign on to show your support for my veto of a tax cut for businesses, at the same time we’re asking Washington families to pay more.

Thank you for helping me.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Gov. Jay Inslee ~ In the news room

Gov. Jay Inslee ~ In the news room

In the Newsroom with Gov.Inslee

a message from Gov. Inslee

You want somebody who's got a conscience and who's not just playing to the polls all the time. - President Obama on Jay Inslee

When I was in the House of Representatives, I made decisions that I knew weren’t popular because it was the right thing to do. I’ve made them as governor, and I stand by those decisions. I stand by my commitment to create a more equitable economy in this state. I stand by my pledge for commonsense gun safety reform. I stand by my support for raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid sick leave. I stand by my commitment to protecting the environment for generations to come.

Now our campaign is about to hit a critical fundraising deadline. Will you stand by me and contribute $5 to my campaign today, before June 30th?