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In the Newsroom with Gov.Inslee

a message from Gov. Inslee

You want somebody who's got a conscience and who's not just playing to the polls all the time. - President Obama on Jay Inslee

When I was in the House of Representatives, I made decisions that I knew weren’t popular because it was the right thing to do. I’ve made them as governor, and I stand by those decisions. I stand by my commitment to create a more equitable economy in this state. I stand by my pledge for commonsense gun safety reform. I stand by my support for raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid sick leave. I stand by my commitment to protecting the environment for generations to come.

Now our campaign is about to hit a critical fundraising deadline. Will you stand by me and contribute $5 to my campaign today, before June 30th?

Do employees in Washington deserve the right to paid sick leave?


Do employees in Washington deserve the right to paid sick leave?


Do workers in Washington deserve the right to fair pay?


Do we — right now — have the opportunity to lead the nation in creating an economy that works for all Washingtonians?


This week, the Washington state House is hearing bills on both guaranteeing paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage.

Workers shouldn’t have to choose between their health — and their families’ health — and putting food on the table. That’s why guaranteeing that most employers provide paid sick leave is the right thing to do.

Raising the minimum wage is fair to workers, and it’ll boost our state’s economy as whole. When workers have more money to spend, local businesses across the state benefit. Raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour is not only fair — it’s smart.

While these two bills are being heard in the House, it’s critical that we build up public support for a Washington economy that works for all. Washington is the best place in the country to live and work. Let’s keep leading by supporting these two bills. Will you sign on today?

Join me in supporting a Washington that works for all, and sign on in support of paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage.

Along with improving our infrastructure, investing in education, and supporting an accessible healthcare system, guaranteeing paid sick leave and a fair minimum wage are essential to providing a Washington that works and provides opportunity for all.

Thank you for your commitment to creating a better Washington.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

In the Newsroom with Gov.Inslee ~~


a message from Gov. Inslee

When I released my budget, I said that we needed to reinvest in Washington. I stated that we need to find a sustainable, long-term solution to funding what we care about most: our schools, our infrastructure, our health, and our environment. To that end, I proposed that we raise revenues in two major ways: by charging our state’s biggest polluters and by introducing a capital gains tax.

It is an ambitious plan, and it’s one I believe we need in order to move our state forward.

Yesterday, the House released its budget, and while we’re still reviewing the details, I support the general framework of their plan.

Here’s why:

This budget is fair. It includes capital gains as a revenue source that would raise millions by taxing a small group of the wealthiest Washingtonians. It also raises revenue by closing tax loopholes.

This budget is balanced. By introducing new revenue streams like the capital gains tax, it allows for increased investment in our schools, our health, and our infrastructure.

This budget invests in our people. It provides funding for early learning, a tuition freeze, and mental health services.

This is an approach I can support.

I’m disappointed that the House didn’t include my proposed carbon market program because we know that a healthy environment is one more investment in our future that we need to make. I’ll continue to advocate for programs that will reduce carbon pollution, and am glad that the House leadership committed to continue working on this measure as budget negotiations continue.

The important thing to know is this: For nearly half a decade, we’ve been cutting essential services and neglecting our duty to invest in the future. That stops now.

It’s time, once again, that we invest in Washington.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee