Cutting Social Security

Conservatives who want to cut Social Security and squeeze the middle class are dominating the discussions about how to cut the deficit. We need progressive ideas that protect the middle class and make Wall Street pay out there—and fast. To do it, we need 64 donations from Seattle. Can you chip in $5?

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There’s a showdown coming in Washington.

On one side are conservatives and the Blue Dog Democrats. Most of them supported Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and two unfunded wars.1 But now, they say, we have to focus on the deficit—even if it means cutting Social Security and leaving millions of Americans jobless for years.2

On the other side are progressives who agree we have to rein in our deficits, but think we should do it in a way that protects the middle class and makes Wall Street clean up its own mess.

Here’s the scary part: the conservatives are winning hands down. They’re spending millions of dollars to push their position and hoping that the president’s new deficit commission—which is stacked with conservatives—will strike a deal to cut Social Security before the end of the year.3

If we’re going to have a shot at stopping them, we need to start pushing back right now. So we’re spinning up a massive six-month campaign to make sure we deal with the deficit the right way—by getting the middle class back on their feet and making Wall Street pay its fair share—with polling, hard-hitting ads, and rallies all over the country.

But we need to raise $185,000 to kick it off—which means 64 donations from Seattle. Can you chip in $5?

Social Security belongs to the American people, who pay into it every working day of our lives. But this election could determine whether conservative budget hawks finally have their way and make deep cuts to our benefits.

And there is a disturbing pattern of conservative fear-mongering on Social Security that is ramping up each day. Most recently it was Republican Leader, John Boehner followed by several other Republican congressmen. And before that former Senator Alan Simpson, the head of a commission that will make recommendations on Social Security this fall, called Americans who rely on Social Security “lesser people.”

That’s why we’re kicking off a major campaign to push back on the lies about Social Security, hold politicians who want to cut it accountable, and get progressive solutions to the deficit—like a bold job creation program or making sure corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes—on the table.

Here’s some of what we’re planning:

  • Deep grassroots organizing: We’re going to organize MoveOn members in races to make sure those on the wrong side of the economy and Social Security hear about it everywhere they go. At the same time, MoveOn members across the country will be making sure that Democrats know that voters want an ambitious jobs program and they expect Wall Street and the super rich to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Polling: We’re planning to poll in critical swing states and districts to show that voters don’t support conservative answers on the economy. We know that voters are more interested in jobs than Social Security cuts but in an election year, the only language that politicians understand is polling. And that’s what we’ll do.
  • Ads: We’re going to work on a cutting-edge media program to push out the voices of those who are hurting most in this economy so Washington hears from them directly. Their stories are powerful. And they’ll show politicians that cutting Social Security for the elderly or Medicaid from those who need it most is not the answer voters are looking for.

This is critical work—but the other side is well organized and we need to start right away if we’re going to make an impact. Can you chip in $5?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Daniel, Duncan, Amy, and the rest of the team


Call Senators Cantwell & Patty Murray -Support Wall Street Reform


Organizing for America

Organizing for America

Washington’s senators are gearing up to cast their last votes on Wall Street reform tomorrow. Right now, we believe we might have just enough votes to pass this historic legislation.

But we won’t know until the final vote is cast — and we’re only certain of one thing: it could come down to one single senator.

That’s how close this is — and that’s how urgently we need your help.

Your senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, have been fighting alongside President Obama to pass this bill — and they need to know you appreciate their leadership.

Call your senators now and let them know you support Wall Street reform — and then make sure to let us know what they said.

Call Sen. Murray at (202) 224-2621
Call Sen. Cantwell at (202) 224-3441

One last vote on Wall Street reform. Call the Senate.

We’re on the verge of passing the boldest overhaul of the financial system since the Great Depression.

Wall Street reform will bring more economic security to consumers by forcing credit card companies, mortgage companies, and predatory lenders to stop exploiting consumers with hidden fees and pages of fine print.

It will create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency — with a responsibility to protect all of us. And it will ensure that taxpayers will never again be asked to bail out the big banks that are “too big to fail.”

Reform is facing one last showdown in the Senate. Lobbyists for the big banks are doing everything they can to stop this legislation before it lands on President Obama’s desk.

Let’s help pass reform — and show once again that the movement we built can go up against the most powerful special interests in Washington and win.

Call your senators now:

Thanks for your help today,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Stopping Monsanto

CREDO Action | more than a network. a movement.
The USDA can stop Monsanto

No GMO alfalfa.
Take action!
Clicking the text below will add your name to this petition. The petition reads:

I demand the USDA refuse any partial deregulation of Monsanto’s genetically engineered Roundup Ready alfalfa. The Supreme Court acknowledged that the economic risks from genetic contamination, as well as the risk to the environment of gene flow, are real harms. The USDA has a responsibility to protect farmers and consumers and should refuse any requests for partial deregulation.

Click to sign.

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Although it was reported as a wholesale victory for Monsanto1, the recent Supreme Court decision on “Roundup Ready” alfalfa has actually put food activists in a good position to maintain the ban on Monsanto’s genetically engineered GMO seeds.

The court ruled that the planting of GMO alfalfa is still illegal, but it assigned authority to the USDA to determine whether to allow some provisional planting to go forward as soon as next spring. The responsibility for maintaining a total ban on the GMO seeds — and protecting organic crops from likely contamination — falls squarely on the shoulders of USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Tell Secretary Vilsack to stand up to corporate agribusiness and protect organics for future generations. Click here to automatically sign the petition.

The court supported farmers’ claims that the USDA illegally allowed Monsanto to sell its seeds before a full environmental review could be completed, but Monsanto knows that it can use its power within the USDA to speed up the review process. The company has already requested that the USDA permit a so-called “partial deregulation” that would allow some plantings of Roundup Ready alfalfa before we know the full risks.

A landmark element of the recent Supreme Court ruling was its recognition that the USDA must take into account economic harms from genetic contamination of conventional seed by genetically engineered seed — things like the loss of export markets or loss of organic certification, as well as the risks to the environment of this “gene flow” effect. Monsanto wants the agency to ignore those risks and let them plant now.

We can’t let them. Senator Patrick Leahy and Congressman Peter DeFazio delivered a letter signed by over 50 lawmakers demanding that the USDA not legalize GE alfalfa.2 Over 83,000 Credo members added their voice by calling on their members of Congress to sign on to the letter.

Click here to automatically sign the petition and tell Secretary Vilsack to maintain the planting ban on GMO alfalfa, now and in the future.

Thank you for standing up for safe and healthy food.

Adam Klaus, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

wacky Wednesday &some News

Today on CSPAN … tune into what is going on in Congress too!

watch Thad Allen Briefing: at 3pm ET

watch Senate Hearing: at 2pm ET

watch JEC Hearing: C-SPAN3 at 2pm ET

The  weekend is almost here and most of us will be at home maybe relaxing, drinking coffee, getting up to do errands or go to church; basically not experiencing natural or man-made disasters like the one by BP, but most of us will not be in the path of   tornados , earthquakes over 6.0, mine disasters, or sinking oil rigs. It does seem like Americans are easily desensitized from the events that have happened over the last few days or months. Do not get me wrong, yes, life goes on yet the latest moves from the very people voted into public service have shown fear that cannot be ignored because we are all going to be feeling it. We all need to be responsible for watching, listening to how these new Arizona laws just waiting to go in effect at the end of the month effect the Arizona people, specifically the brown ones. The birther law will essentially make it impossible to run for office in AZ without producing a birth certificate that they feel or deem valid and the police will handle SB1070, which legalizes racial profiling, and take note fear is driving these two laws.

The question is what kind of fear. Yes, there is a lot of violence, drugs, and large numbers of people literally shooting their way into our borders and it definitely has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Though the way to resolve immigration is not by making life harder for some that have lived year for generations or picking up people merely because they look a certain way, talk a certain way or judge them by their shoes – is just wrong. It’s not only wrong but is it  just me or is it strange to be giving ICE authority to the local police who are already stretched  to the limit and who clearly are not immigration agents to behave like them just makes no sense. The move does make it impossible for Congress not to address; they have to and anyone with common sense knows that the law in and of itself could incite big ole problems.

Arizona was a beautiful place that some say is of a diverse population. The reports  say Hispanics make up 30% of the population. I wonder if that includes the many undocumented who have been here for generations have children that were born here who are hiding in the shadows now. I will admit to liking some of the stuff McCain said prior to the 2008 elections because it seemed like a foundation could be made between Republicans and Democrats when the legislation finally reached the floor of Congress. But, like everything else -Republicans have stalled and blocked the progress of immigration and are now talking about immigration like it is a dirty word.  This sadly includes Sen. John McCain and other Republicans who once were open to offering a pathway, offering legislation for legal immigration now are turning their backs on any path proving apparently they can only offer lies.

In a time when we have to accept, our government needs to be changed significantly as well as a need for bipartisanship not lies should be in full force on the floor of Congress for all Americans and quite obviously, it is not. I have  found some of the attitude change or adjustment by democrats in Congress refreshing  … to explain better; the notion that having a Democratic majority in both Chambers of Congress but were unable to get legislation through at the beginning of President Obama’s first year in office still is awkward or strange. The fact remains actual work is getting done.  It has been slow but progress is real and continuous efforts for bipartisanship on most legislation are also a reality but if those efforts on the Republican side become disingenuous, the Democratic Party needs to move forward, which it seems to be doing even with all the comments and or noise coming from the right.

The noise and comments from Sen. Graham shows not only how Congress in the past were unable to handle more than one issue at a time but Republicans are willing to obstruct progress of all Americans for their own agenda; we have many American issues that need to be worked on at the same time. The news that Sen. Graham essentially is having a tantrum after 6 full months of work and a possible agreement on Climate being made on a bipartisanship path is huge. That being said, Graham is now stating”, putting a climate bill on hold is a cynical and or political ploy by Sen. Harry Reid; moving forward on immigration reform being hurried and panicky seemed to be reckless”

We the People certainly are not stupid enough to believe that the current situation with immigration is small, can be put on hold for climate change or clean energy policy or that it’s  a political ploy and just hearing it is offensive. We all know that Republicans have a policy of NO a political ploy would not you say … we need lawmakers to do their jobs even if it means solving more than one at a time.

President Obama has proven he can handle more than one American issue at a time, the question is can our Democratic Party do the same.

Other News …


Budget deficit, jobs and economy focus of admin. appearances

Vice President Biden and the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer will unveil the latest CEA quarterly report on the economic impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The report will cover the amount of private sector jobs created through Recovery Act investment projects.  Later, at a Joint Economic Committee hearing, Ms. Romer will give further evidence of the Recovery Act’s impact on job creation and economic growth. Recent reports show the U.S. federal budget deficit at $1 trillion with three months to go in this budget year.

$257.3 billion from the $787 billion stimulus fund has been paid out to states, according to the latest White House release. The Recovery Act was signed into law by President Obama on February 17th, 2009.

Holbrooke, Crocker Update Congress on civilian strategy in Afghanistan

A top American official in the Afghanistan war will go before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today to review the governance and civilian strategy in Afghanistan. Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan will testify alongside former Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker.

Following last month’s career-ending quotes by Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone magazine, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), a committee member, requested an immediate hearing on U.S. goals in Afghanistan. Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) scheduled the hearing which is expected to reaffirm the U.S. troop draw down next year and “provide clarity” on the administration’s handling of the war.

watch Senate Hearing: at 2pm ET
read NYT: Afghan Shift Puts U.S. in Tricky Spot

Integrity Tests delayed on Containment Cap, Relief Well

BP has delayed testing today to determine whether a new containment cap placed on the leaking well will contain the oil spilling into the Gulf. Additionally, Coast Guard and BP announced a temporary halt to the drilling of a relief well. Both groups will provide updates this afternoon — Thad Allen is scheduled to brief the media at 3pm (ET) and BP is expected to update later this afternoon.

The Interior Department announced Monday that they are issuing a second moratorium to block deepwater drilling. The new moratorium is not based on water depth like the first, but still targets deepwater drilling. The six-month moratorium is in place while oil and gas companies develop and implement new safety measures in response to the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Last Thursday, a federal appeals court rejected the U.S. government’s effort to keep a deepwater drilling ban in place after a lower court struck down the original ban.

The national commission investigating the cause of the Gulf Coast disaster yesterday completed its public meeting in New Orleans. The commissioners heard testimony involving the status of the spill response and the economic and community impact to the region. Witnesses included Adm. Peter Neffenger, Deputy Incident Commander, and Sr. VP of BP North America, Kent Wells. The commission also heard from Gulf citizens and business owners on the drilling moratorium and the impact to local communities

watch Thad Allen Briefing: at 3pm ET
watch W.J. on BP Claims: Available Shortly
watch Live: Undersea ROVs watch Nat’l Commission Meeting on Oil Spill
read Times-Picayune coverage of oil spill

Our enemies are relentless – we need your help

Only hours left.

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  • The enemy is relentless. Relentless, shameless and animated by hatred. The Texas GOP recently declared that gay people shouldn’t have custody of children and that performing a same-sex marriage should be punishable by jail time. It takes steady resources to go up against groups like this every day – to fight back with national grassroots pressure, direct lobbying, public education programs, election organizing, and hard-hitting media campaigns.
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Joe Solmonese

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