Stop Auto Dealers from Blocking Fuel Efficient Cars

Tell auto dealers that Americans want fuel efficient cars.

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The Obama administration recently announced a strong final rule for national fuel economy standards, a decision that could finally get clean car technology off the shelf and on our roads.

Many automakers supported these common-sense regulations, which mark the first time in U.S. history the federal government has regulated global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act.

Unfortunately, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is still trying to keep cleaner cars off our roads. Their lawyers are actively supporting attempts to block the government’s ability to regulate global warming emissions.

It’s time to tell NADA that consumers aren’t buying their lemon of a lawsuit. Send a message to NADA to say that American drivers want cleaner cars, not more lobbyists and lawsuits.

Tell NADA to drop its fight against clean cars now >

The U.S. transportation sector is responsible for emitting more carbon emissions (the primary global-warming gas) than all but three other countries. emissions from all sources combined.

Not only will fuel economy standards cut global warming pollution, but they will also reduce America’s oil consumption and save consumers billions of dollars at the gas pump.

Take action to support stronger fuel economy standards now >

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– The team in partnership with Union of Concerned Scientists


A message from Diane von Furstenberg

I have some exciting news to share. Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently asked me if I would design a limited edition tote bag. With everything Speaker Pelosi has done to move our country forward, I was more than happy to oblige.

But what makes this tote bag even more special is that every dollar toward its purchase price will be used to support Speaker Pelosi and courageous House Democrats who are under increased attack by those who wish to take our country back to the policies of former President George W. Bush.

With only a limited number of my Team Pelosi bags available, I wanted to offer you, one of the Speaker’s strongest grassroots supporters, the first chance to receive one.

Team Pelosi Summer Tote

Show your support for Team Pelosi by picking up your limited edition Team Pelosi summer tote bag. Shop today and save 25% using the special discount code DVF2010.

And thank you again for standing with Speaker Pelosi,

Diane von Furstenberg


oops to all ref to the small biz bill not passing wrong …

I meant to say Republicans were able to limit the size of  the small business package, comprehensive climate and Jobs Bill. We needed bigger ones for a significant change to happen …sorry, the bills were so watered down- very disappointing

My rants for the day are many but before I go there, I would like to mention the great things that have happened over the last couple of weeks or months are just as many. We have health care, Wall Street reform, we have dadt in consideration for repeal and immigration though not necessarily something anyone in Congress wanted or thought would be brought  into the 2010 light, it has been and now forced into the main arena.

Yesterday, the House of Representatives convened and moved methodically through their calendar of events, which unlike the Senate seemed to be going smoothly. At around 2:15 after much debate a vote for HR4213, the 34billion dollar UI benefits bill passed and quickly moved to the desk of the President with few bumps and definitely not the same process of conflicts as the Senate. The reports are that they are now going to consider what is called the 99’rs. The numbers of people who have run out of unemployment is not clear but given the crisis that forced people off the payroll through no fault of their own the numbers are quite a few. The obvious conclusion to why they are still looking for jobs is that those jobs are gone. It would be in everyone’s best interest to help everyone out not just a select few as the process that got the USA in this mess happened when the a group of people…mostly rich people gambled and lost not only their value but people all over the country lost; they lost jobs,  homes and in some cases their 401Ks. The bets made by a certain group of people who were obviously rich, deep and affected the 99’rs. It is obvious people might need to push their member of Congress. I hope that Congress will see this as an effort to get all Americans back to work and vote not just to implement a program for the 99rs’ but create jobs for them. It is also  time to make bold moves toward a bigger small business package and Jobs Bill package that will be a big resource for getting the US back on track but to move into the 21st Century by starting green business that actually provide jobs for thousands not just a few.

Another issue of mine after all the BS coming out of the mouths of Fox News, Newt, Limbaugh, Beck and others on the right. This is my call for Dems in Congress, Obama admin and We the People to stop listening to the nonsense, the noise and watch what is happening by the likes of Breitbart types and what seems like a complicit relationship. The obvious would be to tell everyone to turn off faux news or at least stop believing in what Fox News is saying and if you questioned whether that comment was valid, will the current or latest event help you out. It is clear there was an organized movement to use the Sherrod video, the NAACP and the Obama Administration in an effort to ruin this President but provided obvious persons who are African-American who must be racists hired by a racist President, which is obviously a lie. It is another moment when We the People need to tune into what is happening on the floor of Congress, see Republicans blocking money from not just some Americans it affects their own constituents as well. Republicans continue to block efforts to create jobs; even McConnell Boehner and other members of the Republican Party admit if they cannot stall or block legislation they will and have managed to water all or most of the legislation down in the Senate and that includes a huge/solid Jobs Bill. We need a bigger small business package, which could create possibly millions of jobs, but as we, all know, if we listen to the carpetbaggers who are at work swaying the attitudes and possibly votes in November on a daily basis. On the one hand they say they too want to create jobs, want ui benefits but all the while they are telling all of their members to vote no to any legislation that will not only help the entire country –it would give President Obama recognition and possibly a second term. This scares them so much that they have decided to throw Americans under the bus to ruin this President and the obvious move into the 21st Century that was needed for years but has been avoided, neglected and possibly unwanted. Now people, all of us have to see without blinders who are actually working for We the People. If you would pay attention, Republicans have no real solutions to offer up or answers what where and how could the bubble that will burst if they are successful be repaired -how many of us have actually seen a bubble get repaired.

I cannot say how upsetting it was to watch and hear the crap from fox news, breitbart and the Media. It would great if the media would stop the nit-pick aspect of Sherrod, the NAACP, and the President and start trying to either research what part fox news played in this movement of gotcha news in an effort to get the President. The number of female reporters paraded in front of the camera standing saying this that or the other was absolutely offensive because everyone was so convinced that the President and the line of blacks… obviously objectionable to Limbaugh beck megynkelly breitbart and others were involved in illegal things. I get it, we Blacks have no work ethics, no integrity no morals. NOT. This group of evil doers is out to help Republicans prove this or at least taint the reputation of our new Administration and our first Black President, by the way, he is of mixed race…that bothers me because his mom was a Caucasian woman we should all recognize because without her he would not be here.

We need reporters to report the news, the facts not be the machine of manipulation or miss-information news …lies are wrong and should be dealt when it is reported on cable mainstream as truth….that is not news or opinion news they are lies…big difference.

Other News …

**Sneaky Credit Card fees are coming our way…call and make sure you know about them

**US -Russian treaty is facing hurdles in the Senate

**Rangel says he is ready to fight ethics charges

**The House is will be pressured into passing another watered down bill the Senate Thursday stripped out the $20 billion in House add-ons and returned to the House an almost $60 billion measure passed by a bipartisan vote in May. The Senate measure is limited chiefly at war funding, foreign aid, medical care for Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange, and replenishing almost empty disaster aid accounts.  Eleven Senate Democrats and Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut voted against the House version of the bill. Not a single Republican supported it.huffpost hill

**NH Republican/ brian mergo-time for white people to take a stand-preserve their racial identity



watch White House Briefing 7/22

watch Sens. Reid & Kerry on Energy

watch NPC: From Earlier read AP: House panel approves tough mine safety bill read AP: Methane gas surged before W.Va. mine blast

watch Hearing on ADA

House Majority Leader Discusses Job Creation

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) will speak today about the Democrats’ effectiveness concerning job creation and the economy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Among the issues he will cover include the challenge of balancing federal spending to increase job growth while taking long-term steps to tackle budget deficits.

Yesterday, President Obama signed the unemployment insurance benefits bill, extending those benefits for more than two million people. The measure had been blocked for more than a month over concerns by Republicans that passing it would add to the federal budget deficit.

watch Rep. Hoyer: C-SPAN at 11:15am ET    watch House Floor Debate: From Yesterday
visit Rep. Hoyer’s Website

Rangel Charged with Ethics Violations

TA House investigative committee charged Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, with multiple ethics violation yesterday. Rangel, who stepped down in March after his ethics were criticized in a different case, faces a House trial on these allegations.

The nature of the allegations will not be publicly revealed until next Thursday, when he appears before the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. The panel will be divided equally between Republicans and Democrats.

Deepwater Horizon Accident Hearing Enters Fourth Day

Employees from Transocean and Halliburton are among the witnesses that are testifying at a joint investigative hearing held by the Coast Guard and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. They are providing information on cementing activities, the alarm system and operations during the 24 hours prior to the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon.

Witnesses include Transocean employee Mike Williams, who is now testifying and who the panel named as a person of interest on Tuesday. He could face criminal charges from the April 20th accident.

Yesterday, John Guide, BP’s direct supervisor of the top BP men aboard the rig, said that money “was not a factor in the decision” not to make recommended safety modifications to the deepwater rig. Halliburton said they warned BP that without these necessary changes there could be a “severe gas flow problem.”

Congress …back in Session on July 26, 2010

The Senate Convenes: 3:00pmET July 26, 2010

Following the prayer and pledge, the Senate will resume consideration of the motion to proceed to S.3628, a bill to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to prohibit foreign influence in Federal elections, to prohibit government contractors from making expenditures with respect to such elections, and to establish additional disclosure requirements with respect to spending in such elections (DISCLOSE Act).

There will be no roll call votes during Monday’s session of the Senate.

There will be no roll call votes on Monday  July,  26 2010

and the calendar shows that on Tuesday July 27, 2010

2:45pm roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to the DISCLOSE Act (S.3628).


The next meeting in the House is scheduled for 12:30pmET on  July 26, 2010

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