Taibbi and other members of the Media

My opinion on  sensationalizing the death of anyone?

it’s disgusting but gotta say i turned the channel and station after station only made  comments about what was bizarre, strange and weird side of this man’ life…  made me upset

the man was dead or dying, these vultures needed to have some f’ing RESPECT for what was happening … and chose not to

listening to taibi and other commentators not only disgusted me with the nasty negative comments about michael jackson and his past …  it is disrespectful to not only MJ but to his family and kids

i accept taibbi’s opinion, but again it showed a disregard of  the death of a human being …  and totally unacceptable …
keep the negative awful comments to yourself  during  this time

i hope the people from the hospital who leaked info to any media companies get into trouble as well as any medics who called cable stations … totally unacceptable

healthcare…public, private … we should have options

the question is not  that public option might be run by the govt but will it take money away from the current system backed by many on the hill … deals struck by folks who will stand to loose in the long run …

72% Americans want public health-care deal with it.

it’s time to make health care affordable for every American

it can be done if all parties involved make a commitment to helping each other out like AARP did … announced 6/22/09

isn’t competition the American way

roland burris … org post 5/17

is … guilty of a lot of things but of pay to play?

Blago has been under surveillance for quite sometime … if burris was guilty i believe he would not have gotten this far,  the authorities (the FBI) would not let burris go through the process of getting elected if the tapes or transcripts had evidence of  pay to play … no matter how hard chris matthews uses his cable slot time to manipulate the fate of RBurris …

his Political behavior just seems par for the course … just on the edge of being legal.

when burris finally got into office … it was apparent his appointment was only going to last until 2010 anyway

public polls? are the numbers accurate?

i didn’t get polled…

i will admit i don’t put much merit into Polls because the sample could be biased … who did they call? was the average person included? what part of the country did they call and how many were republicans?

53% voted Obama into office and according to this  poll 56% give or take a -3/+3 which for me could be a plus 59/60% and the minus 53%   the very number that voted him in …          Right?

jus sayin

change …takes time and democrats on the hill

6 months have gone by … now 5 years and change is slow

I have been listening, reading and hearing comments about Obama having taken a great first step toward change but hasn’t gone far enough to sedate or fulfill the promises he made to special interest groups during his campaign.  Negative comments are becoming bold, louder and more frequent …

change takes time … it also takes a cooperating Congress

**Environmentalist… like Phil Radford, exec director/Greenpeace USA  stated among other things,” Obama is missing in action” as it relates to global warming …in an article written by Bryan Walsh from Time Magazine…

**Gay/Lesbian leaders… are starting to make comments about Obama not going far enough on don’t ask/don’t tell but today he announced he will enact federal benefits for same sex couples …moving too slow?  too little too late? come on… People of colour  know what being impatient means …

**Health-care liberals… are impatient and talking about how they put Obama in office and threatening a change in 2012 … this is unacceptable

**Wall Street … flexed their muscles to show Obama who really is in charge of the market … bad behavior needs to be Regulated

change will happen, the President can’t do it all himself, we need to call, write and march to let Congress know what We the People voted for

A change we can believe in

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