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Today, is definitely a day to slowly breathe deep & release your breath slowly … repeat as needed.

This has been the end of a strange week of eye opening events … The BP CEO actually thought buying tv spots to make them look good, which are not cheap are playing on basically all cable stations at a moment when the people on the Gulf Coast are having trouble getting payments just to get by; how can a 30second or longer Advertisement spot stating we’re sorry be rational? now we hear that BP has hired people from the last administration, more specifically Cheney’s group to help with the PR problems;  possibly anything legal as well.  My advice– it’s too late; the public will not give BP a pass, they have to pay up and get up to date on those who need that money now because their livelihoods have been destroyed by the oil spill.

The press and some progressives out there are already talking about the down fall of the President and being a one term President.  I object reject and feel that his base also includes people of colour and when people on cable and or radio say Obama has to do this that and the other for his base they do not include people of colour; they say progressives, the middle class environmentalists and we are in all those categories …we are a group…people of colour in themselves are Obama’s base and this should not be forgotten by anybody; even the current immigration issue has brought more Latinos on board.  Republicans like McCain have shown their cards and they say No to a comprehensive immigration package and continue to stall and or block movement toward getting comprehensive immigration.  The fact that Gov Brewer will be enacting laws that legalize racial profiling is something President Obama should jump on ASAP; this issue will definitely increase his base; if he and the Democratic Party does the right thing.  We all know immigration will effect us economically and any and all elections in the future.

The Democratic Party should challenge each other preferably during Primaries but i have a problem with letting a Republican get into office over any Democrat; we need to challenge our party but when the November elections come; sitting out just seems wrong.

It was very upsetting to hear what happened in South Carolina and the Democratic choice? Alvin Greene; how in the world could a guy who is unemployed, just got thrown out of the military who had no website no big rallies …as he put it; they had just a few meetings and claimed that the 10thou needed to get on the ballot was his… ok; we all know the military does pay our guys money so that seems plausible, but the felony charge didn’t come out until after 60% voted for this guy in what is called an open primary. I am personally offended because my i have a brother who served and really this guy is an embarrassment to anyone who served; he needs to accept responsibility for the lies tell the authorities what exactly went down because he is not qualified and foremost he needs to step aside; stop saying no… Man you got to go.  This has to be investigated and somebody needs to get fired for letting this guy get on the ballot in the first place; the race card has nothing to do with this , it was a reckless move by somebody clearly out of control and if Republicans are involved; South Carolina needs a verbal beat down and a lot of legal action should be happening ASAP.

The Arlington National Cemetery has been under investigation for quite sometime; reports that several if not hundreds of Military Personnel buried there have been misplaced and or the markers do not match the names listed; which, is on printed paper not online; that in itself is so offensive but to know that people were hired to take our soldiers in, get them ready for what use to be specified plots for family has somehow become a group of stupid people who either didn’t care were not qualified or both who probably got paid a lot of money committing a most egregious act that will never be forgotten or forgiven by some of us who have family buried there.

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BP to Speed up Payments; Obama may meet with BP Executives

Yesterday, BP announced it will expedite its payment process to businesses and individuals who have been affected by the Gulf oil spill. Also, the government said that more oil then previously announced is leaking from the broken pipe. BP also has plans to capture and burn about 420,000 gallons of oil a day. Testing on the burning system should begin this weekend, with full production planned to start early next week.

Next week, Pres. Obama plans to visit Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Also, the White House has invited BP executives to meet with the President next Wednesday.
watch WJ: Discussion on Oil Spill: Available Later
watch C-SPAN Oil Spill Coverage watch Adm. Allen Briefing: From Yesterday

financial regulation Conferees to begin debate next week

Yesterday, the 43-member House-Senate Conference Committee on financial regulation had its first open meeting with members giving opening statements. Chairman Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) announced that the committee will resume next Tuesday, June 15, and will start to debate and possibly vote on amendments to change four titles in the bill: the Derivatives Markets Transparency and Accountability Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act, the Capital Markets, and the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act.

The Committee will combine the two versions of the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010. Senate Banking Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) is expected to play a key role as the principal author of the Senate bill. The combined bill contains 12 major sections and spans almost 2000 pages. The committee hopes to have a bill approved by both chambers of Congress and signed into law by President Obama by July 4th.

Experts Discuss Iran One Year After the Election

One year ago, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected to a second term, sparking protests and violent clashes between dissidents and police. Fearing a resurgence of violent protests, Iran’s opposition leaders canceled a rally to mark the election’s anniversary on Saturday, June 12. Today, the Democracy Council is hosting a series of panel discussions on last year’s election and its aftermath. Panelists explore the human rights issues involved and the role that technology plays in relaying information, as well as the influence of the protest movement on U.S. foreign policy.

On Wednesday, the UN Security Council approved new sanctions against Iran designed at curbing Iran’s nuclear aspirations by imposing financial curbs, arms embargos as well as other punitive measures.

watch Panel Discussion: NOW on C-SPAN2

Democrats –Senate Newsroom

June 10, 2010

Reid Spokesman: Do Senate Republicans Agree With John Boehner That Taxpayers Should Pay To Clean Up BP’s Mess?

Washington, DCJim Manley, spokesman for Nevada Senator Harry Reid, released the following statement today calling on Republicans to explain whether they agree with House Republican Leader John Boehner’s comments that taxpayers should pay to clean up the BP oil spill:

“Leader Boehner just took Republicans’ defense of special interests to a whole new level by saying taxpayers should pay to clean up BP’s mess. This may explain why Republicans have repeatedly blocked Democrats’ attempts to hold BP accountable, and why today they’re trying to hand a $47 billion giveaway to Big Oil.

“Senate Republicans should tell the American people whether they agree with Leader Boehner’s comments.  The public deserves to know whether Republicans are going to join Democrats to hold BP accountable, or just continue to protect big oil companies — the same way Republicans have protected big banks and health care companies.”

June 10, 2010

Baucus, Bingaman, Whitehouse Join Seniors Advocate To Highlight First Wave Of Rebate Checks And Other Benefits Of Health Reform For Seniors

Washington, DC— Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, Senator Jeff Bingaman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joined Barbara Easterling of the Alliance for Retired Americans and Stella Johnson, a retired Washington, D.C. school teacher at a press conference today to discuss how America’s seniors will benefit from health care reform.  As part of the new health insurance reform law, seniors across America will be mailed the first wave of rebate checks to help close the Medicare Part D donut hole today. Almost 3.8 million American seniors are affected by the donut hole every year.

“Beginning today, as a result of health care reform, seniors who hit the donut hole will find a $250 check in their mailboxes to help them afford their prescription medicines.  For seniors in my home state of Montana and across the country, these checks will provide real relief from the rising cost of prescription drugs,” said Chairman Baucus said. “The health care reform law we worked to pass will also provide seniors in the donut hole with a 50-percent discount next year and continue working to close the donut hole so all seniors have access to the medicines they need.  These checks are a real victory for America’s seniors and we will continue working to implement all the provisions in health care reform, including those that strengthen Medicare for America’s seniors.”

“The ‘donut hole’ was a major flaw in Medicare Part D,” said Senator Bingaman.  “The new health insurance law will eventually close the gap entirely, but in the meantime these $250 checks are being sent to help seniors to cover the cost of their life-saving prescriptions.”

“Since I ran for the Senate in 2006, I’ve heard countless horror stories about folks affected by the dreaded Medicare Part D doughnut hole,” said Senator Whitehouse.  “Far too many seniors are forced to choose between taking their medication and putting food on the table or paying their bills.  This is unacceptable, and today marks the first step toward fixing the problem.  For Rhode Island seniors who have been hit hard by the long recession, this will be welcome relief.”

“This new law will help Americans of all ages live longer, healthier lives,” said Barbara Easterling.  “Many seniors are still unaware of the specific ways this law will benefit them.  We must all work together to make sure retirees know about these $250 rebate checks and all other parts of the new law.”

“The new health reform law will help me, my family, and my friends by phasing out this Medicare donut hole,” said Stella Johnson.  “I am delighted that the health care bill recently became law and that the benefits for seniors are already upon us. This new law is phasing out the Medicare prescription drug donut hole.  I want to thank the people who stood up for me and every senior in America when they supported the new health reform law.”

June 10, 2010

Reid Statement On Meeting With Clean Energy Legislation Leaders

Washington, DCNevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement this afternoon following a meeting today with key Senate Democratic leaders on clean energy legislation:

“There is a clear need for the Senate to act on comprehensive clean energy legislation that addresses the recent disaster on the Gulf Coast, reduces our nation’s heavy reliance on oil, creates clean energy jobs and enhances our environmental and national security.  In Nevada, we have seen how critical investments in solar, geothermal and wind energy, as well as energy efficiency, are already strengthening and diversifying our economy as well as creating reliable Nevada jobs that can never be outsourced.

“Today’s meeting with key committee chairs and clean energy leaders was another productive step, and we all share the hope that Republicans will join our effort to bring this important bill to the Senate floor.  But Republicans need to stop focusing their efforts on protecting big corporations who want to continue the same polluting energy policy that we know is inadequate.

“There are a variety of opinions within our caucus about how to develop a bipartisan bill that can gain the necessary support, but there is also resolve to move forward with this effort.  I am committed to working with Democrats and Republicans to pass clean energy legislation this year.”

June 10, 2010

Reid Introduces Amendment To Extend Transaction Closing Date For First Time Homebuyers

Amendment would extend first time homebuyer tax credit transaction closing date from June 30th to September 30th

Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid today joined with Senators Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Chris Dodd of Connecticut to introduce an amendment to the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 that would extend the deadline for closing home purchases in order to qualify for the first time homebuyer tax credit.  The current deadline for purchases made using the popular tax credit is June 30, 2010.  There is growing concern that because of the time it takes for banks to complete transactions such as short sales, many of these home purchases would not be complete before the deadline through no fault of the homebuyer.  The Reid, Isakson and Dodd amendment would extend the deadline to September 30, 2010, to ensure the completion of the sales.

“The first time homebuyer tax credit was very popular and successful in Nevada,” Reid said.  “In addition to making it easier for thousands of Nevadans to purchase their first home, it helped reduce the sitting inventory of homes.  By extending the transaction deadline, we can ensure that everyone taking advantage of this credit can complete the purchase of their new home.”

#FF in Congress …Not

The Senate will convene at 2:00 p.m.ET June 14, 2010

Following any Leader remarks, there will be a period of morning business until 3:00 p.m. with Senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each, with the time equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders or their designees.

Following morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of the House Message to accompany H.R.4213, Tax Extenders. There will be no roll call votes during Monday’s session of the Senate. However, the bill Manager will continue working through amendments on the Extenders bill.

Possible action on the floor of Senate next week: China Free Trade Act, A scaled back Jobs bill-final vote and 60 votes to block the final attack on the Clean Air Act by Republicans/Murkowski

The next meeting in the House is June 14, 2010 12:30pmET

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