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Emergency call to Save Blair Mountain …Amanda Starbuck, Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network
Tell Arch Coal To Stop Mining Blair Mountain
Blair Mt
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Mountaintop removal coal mining is destroying the mountains and threatening the health and lives of communities across Appalachia. But people in Appalachia are standing up and today they need your support.

Residents of Blair, West Virginia have noticed increased activity from mining company Arch Coal around Blair Mountain — site of the largest labor uprising in American history. Residents are becoming increasingly concerned about Arch’s activities and fear they will move forward with plans to mine the historic location.

Take action today – call Arch Coal to save Blair Mountain.

Arch Coal has four planned operations on Blair Mountain, some of which intrude onto the battlefield. Today, this multi-billion dollar company will announce its profits from the fourth quarter of last year. Whatever those earnings are, the company has a responsibility to the community in which it operates.

Folks in Appalachia won’t stand for Arch Coal’s plan to destroy their community and our nation’s history just so the coal company can increase its profit margin, and we shouldn’t either.

Call Arch CEO, Steven Leer, today and tell him that Appalachian communities should not fall victim to pad his profit margin.

Call Arch’s St. Louis headquarters: (314) 994-2700
Call Arch’s Charleston, WV headquarters: (304) 760-2400

To allow Arch Coal to destroy Blair Mountain would be to tear out a crucial page of American labor history and burn it. But even more important than the history are the lives of the people living at the foot of this mountain today.


For the mountains and for healthy communities,

Amanda Starbuck
Energy & Finance Program Director
Twitter: @DirtyEnergy

Rainforest Action Network


Rainforest Action Network

This December 1st, our friends EQAT will be visiting PNC Banks all over the region with samples of drinking water taken directly from a contaminated well in Eunice, West Virginia.

This is an opportunity to challenge PNC on its record as a ‘Green Bank’ with a tangible example of the consequences of mountaintop removal affecting thousands of families in Appalachia, and to emphasize that our work isn’t just about the environment, it’s about human rights.

EQAT has a group of action organizers ready to lead demonstrations in over 10 different locations. The only question now is: Will you join them, or will you be leading an action of your own?

Go here to get more info on how you can get involved and to view a full list of actions.

EQAT is an organization committed to building a movement to stop climate change. Anyone who cares about the future of this planet should stand up on December 1st and take action in their area to send PNC a message—the people of Appalachia are more important than a corporate bottom line.

Participants are bringing samples of contaminated water to branch managers, holding fake ‘taste tests’ outside of the bank to educate passersby, taking nonviolent direct action inside and outside of bank branches, and closing their accounts to protest PNC’s investments. What type of action is right for you? Maybe you and 2 friends want to visit your local PNC on December 1st. Maybe it’s you and your whole community.

Either way, if you’d like to hold an action at a PNC in your area (and hook up with EQAT for support and resources to make it easier), or just want to find an action to attend, let them know by emailing eqateam@gmail.com.

Amanda Starbuck

For the mountains,

Amanda Starbuck
Energy & Finance campaign

Patriot Coal’s Hobet MTR mine.

Rainforest Action Network
Tell BofA not to bail out Patriot Coal’s MTR coal mines
BoA AGM Image Patriot Coal’s Hobet MTR mine. Photo by Vivian Stockman / SouthWings.org
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Big news this week in the coal industry: Patriot Coal, the third-largest mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining company, is filing for bankruptcy.
Bank of America is among the banks providing bankruptcy filing services for Patriot. This is a real opportunity for BofA to use its influence and environmental ambition to work with Patriot and forward-thinking politicians like West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller to close and clean up those MTR mines and transition the Appalachia region into a producer of clean, renewable energy.
Can you email Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan right now and tell him not to bail out Patriot Coal’s MTR coal mines?

Amanda Starbuck

Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining …

care2 petitionsite actionAlert

The idea of blowing the top off a mountain to get what you want inside is just so outlandish, selfish and downright ridiculous that it almost seems unreal.

But at Alpha Natural Resources, that’s just business as usual. Take a stand against Mountaintop Removal Mining (MTR) »

MTR is a common practice at coal companies, which use equipment the size of buildings to literally change the face of a mountain range and get at coal buried deep within the Appalachians.

But MTR is a dangerous and irresponsible business practice. Not only does it ruin the landscape, but it destroys wildlife habitat and poisons water supplies with chemicals like mercury, lead and arsenic. Worst of all, more MTR means more coal polluting our air and warming our planet.

Tell energy giant Alpha Natural Resources to stop mountaintop removing mining to protect the environment and our health »

Thanks for taking action!Emily V.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Who’s America’s biggest funder of dirty coal?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve told you about toxic aging coal plants in Chicago, mountaintop removal mining threatening Kentucky’s highest peak, and coal export terminals proposed in the Pacific Northwest.

What do you think all these destructive coal projects have in common?

Follow the money—deep into Appalachia’s majestic mountains, through neighborhoods crowned with filthy smokestacks, and into homes of people affected by skyrocketing asthma rates—and you’ll land at the doorstep of America’s largest financier of coal: Bank of America.

No more dollars for dirty energy

Bank of America provided over $3.9 billion in financing to the coal industry in 2010, despite the fact that coal is responsible for polluting our air, damaging our climate, and seriously threatening our health.

Bank of America has a responsibility to end its support for the ultimate subprime investment: coal. BofA wreaked havoc on America’s housing market, and its prolific financing of carbon-heavy coal is a continuation of this reckless, shortsighted behavior.

No more dollars for dirty energy

We cannot grow the clean energy economy essential to healthy communities and climate if the country’s leading financial institutions continue to bankroll the coal sector.

We are going to need your outrage, your voice and your passion. No more dollars for dirty energy

It will take all of us, but this is a fight we can and must win.


For a clean energy future,

Amanda Starbuck
Energy & Finance Program Director
Twitter: @DirtyEnergy