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Pope Francis responds to Rush Limbaugh’s “Marxist” charges by ProgLegs

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Support Family Caregivers

November is a time to acknowledge and celebrate family caregivers. These individuals provide long-term care and make an extraordinary difference in the lives of their loved ones.

Learn about the kinds of support family caregivers provide and get resources to assist caregivers.

Cobbler V Gobbler

The White House

Thanksgiving Decision: Cobbler or Gobbler?

On Wednesday, President Obama will pardon the 2012 National Thanksgiving Turkey and this year, for the first time ever, the American public will get its say. People all across the country are flocking to cast their vote.

Born on the same day on a farm in Rockingham Country, Virginia, Cobbler and Gobbler may look alike, but they’re no birds of a feather. Cobbler craves cranberries, is known for his strut, and enjoys the musical stylings of Carly Simon. Gobbler, a patient but proud bird, loves to nibble on corn and enjoys any music with a fiddle.

Which of two turkeys will be named the 2012 National Thanksgiving Turkey? Go to the White House Facebook page and “Like” and “share” their post to cast your vote. No matter what choice you make, both birds will enjoy a happy life at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens after the ceremony, but only one can be the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

So help us choose:

Thanksgiving Decision 2012: Cobbler or Gobbler?

In Case You Missed It
Here are some of the top stories from the White House blog:First Lady Honors National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards Recipients
The First Lady honored 12 of the nation’s most outstanding arts and humanities programs for young people. These programs are recipients of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards.

Shop Small on Saturday, November 24th 2012
In between the Black Friday sales and the Cyber Monday deals is Small Business Saturday (November 24th) – a day set aside to support the small businesses that play a vital role in creating jobs and economic opportunities all across the country.

President Obama Promises Support for the People of Burma
When President Obama arrived in Rangoon on Monday, he became the first sitting president ever to visit Burma — the Asian nation bordering Thailand, China, and Bangladesh.

RainForest Action Network


Rainforest Action Network

All year you stand with us and tackle the hard, serious and often challenging crises our planet is facing.

In the process, we’ve shown you some painful images: photos of orangutans left to die on palm oil plantations, tigers pushed out of their natural habitat. Images that are often horrifying and hard to look at. But these images also represent what’s really happening to the world’s rainforest creatures, and you’ve never flinched. Instead, you step into action with us.

But that’s not all there is to show. These animals are also hilarious, ridiculous, the cutest things you’ve ever seen…and just totally awesome. We thought we would show you that side for a change, to remind all of us why we work so hard to protect animals and the places they call home—and to thank you for giving this work all you have.

Thank You Video from RAN

Thank you for all the emails and phone calls you’ve made this year. Thank you for all the rallies and marches you showed up at. Thank you for the donations you made, the direct actions you took part in, and the work you did to spread the message.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For the planet,