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Ask Republicans to Watch: the PSA against dating violence … VAWA

1 is 2 many PSA   <- Please … Click on the link
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden join with Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria, David Beckham, Joe Torre and Andy Katz in this PSA to raise awareness about dating violence.
 Despite the significant progress made in reducing violence against women, young women continue to face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In the last year, one in 10 teens has reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend.
One in five young women has been sexually assaulted while in college.
In response to these alarming statistics, Vice President Biden launched the 1 is 2 many campaign last year.
This campaign focuses his longstanding commitment to reducing violence against women specifically on teens and young women ages 16-24.
 By targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to violence, and educating the public on the realities of abuse, this Administration is leading the way to stop violence against women  …More

PBS, Keith Brengle

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Click here to tell Congress to protect Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security!Tell Congress to protect Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security!

Conservative lawmakers are trying to put Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act on the chopping block instead of making the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

This week Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and its partners are planning a massive push to let the deficit fearmongers know where the American people stand: Cuts to these vital programs are unacceptable, and we cannot continue to let wealthy corporations get away with paying less than their fair share of taxes.

To break through the clutter, HCAN is using the social media tool Thunderclap to ensure that our message is heard. Thunderclap allows Twitter and Facebook users to send the same message at the same time, amplifying their words for maximum impact.

Choose “Support with Twitter” or “Support with Facebook” – or both! With your help, thousands of people across the country will demand that big corporations pay their fair share and that Washington not cut important programs like health care and Social Security.


Will O’Neill
Health Care for America Now

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