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Republicans … say one thing in front of cameras and continue to vote another on the floor of Congress


yep, just another rant …

The 113th Congress is long gone,but it should be noted they were “in session”  fewer days than constituents … the people they seem to keep saying depend on the government “tit” for “entitlements” then proceed to vote against them and their lives …some Republicans call “them” lazy though some of those are constituents who continue to vote against their best interests? This i still cannot understand.  The nonsense continued with the 114th Congress and now here we are with the 115th Congress.  We the people, are being governed by a guy with no political experience; seemingly no sense of real loyalty to what most of us call #AmericanValues, doesn’t seem to be a true republican or a person who leans left, he has said a lot, done little though the executive orders he once hated when President Obama was in office are coming at #WeThePeople hard and will be doing some damage in the near future … btw, somebody tell this to trump voters. This trifecta he holds, aka our 3 branches of government, is capable of and has decided slashing, burning, cutting our lives to shreds,stalled CHIP and holding DACA/Dreamers politically hostage, once calling them #incrediblekids now saying on every platform possible that they are no illegal criminals murderers, they hold secret meetings making deals lest we understand or accept that all of this talk is not only cheap … The truth is being manipulated and what most of us know as the truth has officially become known as  “alternative facts”  … sigh

It should make Americans all wonder if $175K for members of Congress is just too much for public servants that work less than 120 days as members of congress,led by Republicans. Thing is they seem to think the rest of us need 2 maybe 3 jobs, deserve less social services among some other stupid things like less immigrant families though reports are that the trump administration has requested foreign workers for maralago numerous times a year ..smdh

Yes, breathe in slowly and slowly release your breath … be still, then repeat the process when needed as insanity in the News, and Politics begins to try and make viewers accept the trump era in “alternative facts” land put on loop mode.  The idea that Americans should just trust someone in the highest office or a member of Congress on face value is a joke but when you catch their work that looks like “performance art” seeming not only like they believe what they are saying but assume that no one is paying attention to their behavior on the floor of Congress because they certainly act like we all have amnesia every time they get a chance to be on cable TV.

So, again … Congress, led by republicans continue to say one thing while in front of the camera are planning take downs in secret rooms tossing their title of Public Servant down the nearest sewer which makes you wonder how we will ever pass VRA, immigration reform and other bills For Americans when a good faith effort is kept off the floor of Congress because of political competition and poison pill amendments added.  There was a time when we would tell the Republican Party they need to be more inclusive because trust, respect and future votes are not seasonal or easily earned nor should they be. Now, the current republican party has many leaving stating this party is no longer worthy … white nationalism

The fact is, in this era of trump we have seen a whole lot of  divisive behavior which makes a left leaning voter wonder, can Republicans continue on this path, continue to  get away with so much and not pay for it in 2018 or the 2020 elections?  Okay, stop and take a deep breath as we watch this current government try to take our country to the extreme right and as  you listen to Republicans, they act; remember (act) like they plan to be in bipartisan mode but they have shown themselves to be less than trustworthy less than bipartisan and their votes … Please check any and all republican members voting records! This is proof of how they actually feel about constituents that cannot be denied or overlooked.

Republicans have been waiting for a trifecta that allows them to vote and pass bills without hearings or much debate. So, It is important that folks call your member of Congress because the next generation is counting on us because climate change is real,Women deserve reproductive rights, the voting rights act should be permanent, immigration reform and a real jobs act is the American path toward Stability not Austerity though Republicans seem to keep pushing or that 2007 financial collapse just didn’t impact them enough

I want America to wake up, push back, and demand all members of Congress do the People’s business


Republicans see themselves as stewards of the purse strings in the House of Representatives, but it does not give them the right to toss #WeThePeople under the bus, who as taxpayers give them not only a salary but government healthcare?

Midterm2018 will decide what kind of life we all want our next generation to navigate through … please take the time to understand what and who is causing America to decline at this time  … The House holds the American #PurseStrings which is why Americans have been held hostage



They fought for our vote

Just over 50 years ago, African-Americans made up 45% of Mississippi’s population, but fewer than 7% of  Mississippians were registered to vote.In June of 1964, civil rights groups came together to kick off Freedom Summer, a 10-week campaign to dramatically increase the number of registered black voters in the state. More than 1,000 volunteers of all races and colors, from all over the nation, traveled to Mississippi to do this important work.While there, youth volunteers and their black Mississippian supporters suffered unimaginable levels of vitriol and violence, but they did not stop fighting for what was right. In the end, Freedom Summer emerged as a defining moment in the civil rights movement, pushing our country one step closer to the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.The best way we can honor the work, bravery, and sacrifice of the Freedom Summer volunteers is to exercise the right they fought for so diligently.Honor the mission of Freedom Summer by pledging to vote in this year’s midterm election.

Pledge to vote in November
The extremely low levels of black voter registration in the South were fueled by generations of discriminatory elections practices. States were legally able to hold whites-only primaries, collect poll taxes, and administer literacy tests. When legal barriers weren’t enough, lynchings and bombings—threats and fulfilled promises—kept even more African-Americans away from the polls.

Fifty years later, legislators are attempting to take us back toward 1964, weakening the VRA, making it ever harder for the poor and people of color to have their voices heard at the polls.

Don’t allow these lawmakers to roll back history. They can only win and keep their seats in office when people like you and I stay home during midterm elections.

Raise your voice against those who seek to violate civil rights and human rights. Make a pledge to vote this November:


In solidarity,

Lorraine C. Miller
Interim President and CEO


A Whiter Shade of Fail

By CAP Action War Room

The House GOP’s Epic Miscalculation

“A whiter shade of fail,” is how Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman described the latest efforts to deny the numerical and political reality that the GOP is in “a demographic death spiral,” as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) put it, unless the party gets behind comprehensive immigration reform in order to help get right by Asian and Latino voters.

It’s clear that some House Republicans are looking for an excuse, any excuse really, to get out of passing immigration reform with a pathway to earned citizenship. Some say they don’t have many Latinos in their gerrymandered conservative districts, so there’s no personal political benefit to them but there is potential political risk in the form of a primary from the right. Others, however, have seized on a recent analysis that purported to show that the GOP doesn’t actually need to improve its standing among minority voters if it simply manages to magically find and turn out “missing white voters.” And voila, there’s an excuse for the GOP to continue the status quo of alienating nearly every demographic segment outside of its increasingly old, increasingly white base.

Unfortunately for the GOP, this analysis was all wrong. In a post entitled, “No, Republicans, ‘Missing’ White Voters Won’t Save You,” Alan Abramowitz and Ruy Teixeira run through the numbers explaining just how wrong this “missing white voter” theory is. You should read the whole thing, but here’s their conclusion:

So: GOP phone home! Your missing white voters have been found, and it turns out they weren’t really missing. They were simply sitting out a relatively low turnout election along with a large number of their minority counterparts. They may be back next time if it’s a higher turnout election — but then again so will a lot of minority voters. Bottom line: your demographic dilemma remains the same. The mix of voters is changing fast to your disadvantage and there is no cavalry of white voters waiting in the wings to rescue you.

The New Republic’s Nate Cohn offers additional analysis underscoring that there is no easy way out of the GOP’s demographic dilemma. Indeed, he writes that since the GOP’s gains among white voters have been concentrated in the South and Appalachia, not battleground states, current trends among white voters actually “would cement the Democratic edge in the Electoral College.” Cohn concludes, “the GOP has a tough road ahead.”

Finally, a new round of polls out today shows that voters want immigration to be addressed this year and that several House Republicans in swing districts could face a serious voter backlash if immigration reform fails.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s no easy way out for the GOP. If House Republicans decide to kill immigration reform with a pathway to earned citizenship, their chances of staying a national party with the possibility of winning the White House are likely to die along with it.

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The sequester is still hurting families and children across the country.

must see Vids

whitehouse has uploaded American Energy.
American Energy
We can’t have an energy strategy for the last century that traps us in the past. We need an energy strategy for the future — an all-of-the-above strategy for the 21st century that develops every source of American-made energy.” – President Barack Obama, March 15, 2012

TGIF -Republicans vs Democrats …The choice should be obvious

Today, President Obama speaks to Workers at Chrysler Group Toledo Supplier Park in Toledo, Ohio at 12:20pm ET. It definitely is worth going to whitehouse.gov/live and watching because it is proof that not only was helping the auto industry the right thing to do it saved millions of jobs as well contrary to whatever Presidential candidate Romney stated.

About a year ago, this time the House and Senate were quite busy debating, voting up or down on if they should help their fellow Americans while confirming or blocking President Obama’s appointees. The Republican Tea Party members of Congress have become less of that description we use for a Public Servant and more like Corporate Tools. Republicans who seemingly  are being backed financially by folks like the Koch brothers on the State level while their Federal brotherhood continues to put obstacles in the way of any great or big moves to keep the Govt out of the ditch almost three years later.

Now, with Republicans finally coming forward to announce their bids to run for President in 2012, with the obvious quest to complete the divide and conquer Americans.  It is not lost on most of us that we all should make an effort to remind our fellow Americans just who is responsible for this slow sometime stalled path toward the 21st Century. It is obvious that not only is the Republican tea party refusing to move into the 21st Century they have not only voiced attitudes that offend women, children and minorities but have passed legislation that could put them at more risk or in the streets while defunding government jobs will shove middle class workers into minimum wage earner status.  I will admit I only skimmed that Pledge to America but it is clear it was the 19page lie about putting Americans back to work by those job creators who need to keep those bonus dollars in order to do so. I ask Speaker Boehner, Where are the Jobs.  I have actual bumper stickers that say that because well after the midterm elections the Republican led House has been a big failure to create anything to help their fellow Americans.  If you would like a “Where are the Jobs Mr. Boehner Bumper Sticker let me know

 I also admit being slightly surprised by the outcome of the midterm elections. I was surprised at how many drank the Kool-Aid and who actually listened to “the media” instead of asking questions to find out for themselves that in fact far more people in “the media” are a part of the farce that is the Republican Tea Party. Those Republican Tea Party lies won the House of Representatives for only a few months because as we all know; the truth will set you free. The move to attack Roe V Wade,redefine rape, HR3 a Woman’s right to choose while Republicans defunding it offended many but it was not until the effort to end Medicare, as we know it that people began to see the light.  The midterm elections definitely stalled American progress but it also uncovered and highlighted the Republican agenda. The abuses of States Rights by Republican Governors in at least ten states willing to cut slash and burn worker rights, women, children, the poor and services that would help them.  However, that slogan about taking back their country no matter how offensive is worth noting and remembering because it is not a partisan slogan it is a discriminatory rally cry that we all need to push back on … I believe in equality for all on all levels which is not at all how Republicans feel as a whole in my opinion. 

 I don’t know about you but any person running for President must represent ALL Americans not a select few. Therefore, from now on my effort will be to make all those comments from Republicans stepping up to any mic wanting to become President of the United States  caught on tape or otherwise available so their truths will be set free.

 The info below is from June and July of 2010 … attitudes and words do matter

Republicans again blocked Democrats’ attempt to extend jobless benefits to millions of unemployed Americans last night. Senator Harry Reid sent a strong message back to the Minority after they prevented passage of the bill.

July 1, 2010

TYT comments on Micheal Steele -his behavior and comments regarding Thurgood Marshall

June 30, 2010

At today’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Senator Al Franken paid tribute to and defended the distinguished record of Justice Thurgood Marshall.

June 30, 2010

During day three of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan‘s confirmation hearing, Senator Al Franken focused a portion of his Q&A with the Solicitor General on the Citizens United case.

July 01, 2010

In the video below Sen Tom Corburn asks Elena Kagan about Freedom/ Inferring that better days were before women & minorities had rights– TYT

June 30, 2010

At today’s confirmation hearing, Senator Amy Klobuchar asked Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to talk about the challenges women face in the legal profession and with respect to career choices in general.