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Stack up ALL of the natural & man made DISASTERS … Where is the Infrastructure WORK or PLAN ?

 the BP oil disaster happened on  4/2010

 Thousands died and even more had to leave their homes have been unable to come back.

Americans must face the fact that the many natural and or man made disasters and anything in between have caused more issues than our next generation might be able to handle due to unqualified inept and do nothing republican lawmakers!

If you want your children their children and so on to live a better life … Vote for Change, Challenge your member of Congress to do the right thing …  Local State & Federal level

While the sun comes up and the light of day starts to show just how bad  oil spill disasters are, the truth is finally uncovered. Hopefully, reality will sink in on how just one error that could have been prevented by simply making Big Oil companies like BP have a plan b,c,d etc. or don’t do business, put high-tech emergency equipment in place or material on board to absorb or avert spills before they start. The negative outcome and proof that the rules, specifically the deregulation of financial and oil companies by the house of Bush … is evident. Now, we see what happens when big corporations try to save money on the cheap with just enough insurance, probably knowing that the state they are working in will ask for fema help or disaster funds. Doing a tremendous amount of damage and in this case a big impact not only to the environment but the foul, fish industry and the entire economy for decades. It is great to have a President that is willing to change direction on issues when the facts and or evidence show that delays and or cancellation of offshore drilling is clear. What happened should not be blamed on President Obama, this is clearly a human error and in this case BP; they know it and need to take responsibility for the entire clean-up.

We all have to remember that eleven people died that day

I have to say the first reports of the explosion and then word that everything was okay made me wonder …common sense tells you okay the well is underground; it could bleed out, up or both, which is what happened. The big question is why didn’t they act before the oil started to leak. This spill, is for me a warning to either change the way the clean-up process works or scrap any plans for further oil platforms unless your Big Oil corp has an emergency plan in place

… I’m no expert but equipment should have been available immediately that absorb oil… bumpers placed along the coast and shores before the leak actually spread … i saw nothing but boats watching , waiting for the leak to show … unacceptable.

We all needed a little calm back then and to be honest, i still get heated when hearing about BP, what has transpired in the gulf coast and the many oil spills since… be still and breathe in and slowly release your breath.

I believe in equality for all which includes having a President who represents ALL of the People here in the US of A. I ask you what can be wrong with caring for ALL of your fellow American, not just 2%… especially since that 2% has wheeled and dealed for breaks since the house of bush passed on its horrible bets, pain and responsibility which in turn trickled down to main street.


 An explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 and started the worst oil spill in US history



One Last Stand for Our Military Women

National Women's Law Center
  End the Abortion Coverage Ban Now  
  Tell your Members of Congress to urge congressional leadership to include an amendment to end the abortion coverage ban in a final bill the President signs into law.  

In the past three weeks, you’ve sent over 54,000 emails to Members of Congress asking them to end the abortion coverage ban on servicewomen who become pregnant due to rape. Just this week, the Senate affirmed our efforts by voting unanimously to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and it includes Senator Jeanne Shaheen‘s amendment that would end this extreme policy.

But we’re not there yet. Negotiations are taking place right now on the final bill for the President to sign.

Tell your Members of Congress to urge congressional leadership to include this critical amendment in the final bill.

We are closer than ever to removing the abhorrent ban on abortion coverage for servicewomen and military dependents that have experienced rape or incest. This unfair policy forces them to pay for the abortion care they need, unlike their civilian counterparts who also depend on the federal government for health insurance. The only thing in the way of ending this unjust ban is some anti-choice Members of Congress who are willing to play politics with the women that serve this nation.

Don’t let anti-choice Members of Congress negotiate away abortion coverage for servicewomen who become pregnant due to rape.

Tell your Members of Congress to urge their leaders to include the critical Shaheen amendment in a final bill for the President to sign into law.

Congressional leaders will finish their negotiations at any moment.

Make sure they hear voice today.

Thanks for all you do to protect women’s reproductive health.


Judy Waxman   Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center

P.S. Your support allows us to continue to fight for women’s health, as well as work on many other critical issues. Please consider making a generous donation today.

Congress Must Extend the Middle Class Tax Cuts


President Obama urges Congress to extend the middle class income tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses without delay, making it clear that a balanced approach to deficit reduction means that Republicans in Congress must agree to ask the wealthiest Americans to pay higher tax rates.

Clean Power …

Union of Concerned Scientists

Unleash Clean Power

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a practical plan to cut U.S. oil use in half over the next 20 years, which will save billions of dollars each year, dramatically cut global warming emissions, and ease many other serious problems, including oil spills, the high cost of oil and gas price spikes, and health threats from air pollution that have become the all-too-familiar face of oil.

A key piece of that plan is cleaner fuels. Imagine a future where the fuel in our cars and the electricity that powers our homes and businesses come from fast-growing grasses and agricultural and other wastes, which can serve as non-food sources of biofuel or bioenergy. This future may not be far off if we put smart policies in place to spur growth in this emerging industry.

In the coming weeks, an innovative company—INEOS Bio—will begin producing clean fuel and electricity from vegetative waste at a first-of-its-kind biorefinery. And this plant is just the beginning. Our new report, The Promise of Biomass, finds that, by 2030, we could sustainably produce enough non-food bioenergy to make four times the corn ethanol produced in the United States in 2010, or nearly 20 percent of total U.S. power consumption that year.

But the policies that have set the stage for clean bioenergy to become a large-scale power source are under attack from the fossil fuel industry and its allies, who profit handsomely from the status quo. If Congress fails to act, a key policy supporting production of clean bioenergy from sustainable, non-food sources will expire at the end of 2012, slowing the development of this burgeoning industry at a critical time.

Choose a clean power future.

Urge your member of Congress to promote innovation by extending production tax credits for clean, non-food-based fuels and renewable electricity.

Take Action Today!

Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen
National Field Organizer
Clean Vehicles Program
Union of Concerned Scientists