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Secretary Sally Jewell: No New Fracking on Public Lands

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 a repost from 5/2013

No new fracking on public landsfracking drill rig
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BREAKING: Just when you thought it couldn’t, fracking in the U.S. is about to get worse — and with government approval. The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management just released new rules for fracking on our public lands that would give gas companies the right to drill without much-needed protections for public health. The BLM’s new rules fail to require full public disclosure of toxic chemicals, baseline water testing or setback requirements of wells from homes and schools.

Fracking our public lands will affect millions of people who live, work and go to school near (or even above) the areas where leases will take place. It is unconscionable for the government to pass new regulations that are fundamentally inadequate to protect our health and safety.

Fracking is a dirty and dangerous process. The proposed BLM rules fail to take obvious steps to provide even minimal protections.
Tell the Department of Interior’s Secretary Sally Jewell that you support no new leasing on our public lands. President Obama pledged to do more to combat climate change for the sake of our children and our future in his 2013 State of the Union speech, but the new rules will allow gas companies to place wells dangerously close to children and use toxic chemicals without disclosing them to the public. The Department of Interior’s data on potential federal oil and gas leases in six western states shows that more than 1,400 public schools lie within one mile of potential drilling activity. 

These rules are a gift to the gas companies, who met repeatedly with high-ranking officials before this rule was released.¹ The provisions help the gas corporations profit, while falling short in employing the most basic recommendations of the president’s own shale gas advisory committee, which advocated for transparency, environmental safeguards and pollution monitoring for fracking. Without clear safeguards for public health, no new areas should be opened up to new drilling permits.
We cannot give the treasure of our federal lands — which belong to all of us — to the gas companies and allow them to continue expanding fracking.

Tell Secretary Jewell and the Department of the Interior to put a moratorium on all new gas leases on federal lands.

Thanks for all you do for the environment.
Deb Nardone
Beyond Natural Gas
Sierra Club

P.S. If President Obama truly wants to tackle climate change, then he needs to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground as much as possible, and invest more heavily in true clean energy solutions such as wind, solar and energy efficiency. Natural gas is a dirty dangerous fossil fuel, not a climate solution!  Tell the administration: no new leasing. We must not use our public lands to generate more toxic pollution when clean energy alternatives are ready here and now.
P.P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!


[1] E&E News. “White House huddled with industry before changes to BLM fracking rule,” April 12, 2013.


An Inconvenient Truth

theclimaterealityprojectTake Action Now

In 2006, An Inconvenient Truth woke the world up to the reality of the climate crisis. But global leaders failed to act, and climate change has accelerated, making the film’s message more urgent than ever. We have curated a collection of activities for you to get informed, get involved, use the power of your wallet, and mobilize your networks to send a message that climate change matters to you. Taken together, these actions will have a huge ripple effect. This is the challenge of our time. It’s up to us to solve it!

Use Your Voice


Tell Your Friends, Family and Networks that Climate Change Matters to You

We listen to our friends and family on the things that really matter, and they listen to us. So start talking. In person and online about what’s happening to the planet. Your opinions will shape others, and soon, everyone you know will be talking to everyone they know about climate change. And that’s how change happens. You can find tips here.


Stand Up to Denial

You don’t let ignorant comments about race or sexuality go unanswered. Don’t let comments like “climate change isn’t real” go unchallenged either. Online resources like Reality Drop and Skeptical Science help combat climate myths while giving you a great resource to stay current on good news.


Tell Your Leaders this Matters to You

Government officials answer to you, so tell your leaders that you will support or strongly oppose them based on what they say and DO about solving the climate crisis. Ask your Congressman, city council, school board, and public utilities commission what they’re doing NOW to solve the climate crisis. Contact your Representatives and Senators.

Use Your Time


Get Involved

Join the Climate Reality Project and add your voice to a global community of nearly 5 million people demanding a solution now. Then get involved with climate organizations in your community, or join some of the nation’s largest environmental advocacy groups like the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, or the World Wildlife Fund.


Take Small Steps

You can do so many things to make a difference and inspire people around you. Things like keeping your car tires fully inflated, not letting your car idle, switching out old light bulbs for LED or CFL options, and walking or biking instead of driving. For more ideas, check out the EPA’s What You Can Do.


Know Your Impact

Learn what your personal carbon footprint is. Then, help your friends minimize their own carbon footprints by sending text reminders from DoSomething.org. Anyone under 25 can put in their crew’s cell numbers here to share climate change facts and helpful tips to protect the planet.


Become a Climate Leader

Learn more about climate change and inspire your community to act. Join the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and join a global network that’s changing the world.

Use Your Dime


Use the Power of Your Wallet

As consumers, we have the ultimate power to decide whether our money promotes Dirty Energy or a carbon-free future. Use your smartphone to see what your dollars are doing. After all, money talks.


Support the Good Guys

As a consumer and a shareholder, support companies who are doing good things on climate change. 1% For The Planet is a great resource to learn which companies are supporting solutions. Even better, don’t forget to support the work of your favorite climate advocacy organizations.


Get Your School or Employer to Support Action on Climate Change

Has your school joined the Climate Commitment? Ask your employer to sign the Climate Declaration, which calls on federal leaders to act on climate change. So far, more than 100 companies with combined revenues of $450 billion have signed on. That’s some good company.

Stop coal thru the Columbia Gorge!

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Tell Governor Kitzhaber and the DEQ to stop coal through the Columbia Gorge!
Columbia River Gorge Columbia River Gorge Photo Courtesy of Brian Pasko
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The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a draft permit for Ambre Energy‘s Morrow Pacific project, which would send 8 million metric tons of coal from Montana through eastern Washington and down the Columbia River every year.

If this final permit gets approved, Governor Kitzhaber and the DEQ will have allowed the first coal export project in the Northwest to begin construction. And Ambre Energy could start building within months of getting this permit approved.

Millions of tons of coal floating down the Columbia and shipped through our towns and cities via rail, for export to Asia will threaten our health, safety and environment. We have to stop it!

Tell Governor Kitzhaber and DEQ Director Dick Pedersen that we are counting on them to do the right thing and stop this coal export proposal from moving forward.

The cumulative impacts and the risks from mine to power plant must be considered in this project. The Morrow Pacific coal project would result in coal dust and diesel emissions that that will violate Oregon’s air quality standards — and contribute dangerous carbon pollution to our atmosphere.

The increase in barge traffic on the Columbia River would harm salmon, river recreation, and navigation. DEQ should wait for a full analysis of the impacts before considering any permits. It is a waste of taxpayer money to move forward without all the facts laid on the table.

We need Governor Kitzhaber and DEQ Director Dick Pedersen to stand up and protect Oregon families. Send them a message now!

Oregon’s last and only coal plant burns 3 million tons of coal each year — and by 2020 it will be off of coal. Allowing Ambre’s Morrow Pacific project to move forward would be like taking three steps backward for that one step forward.

This is a bad deal regardless of what state you live in. If approved our Northwest way of life will be in jeopardy.

Tell the Governor and DEQ: Stop the Morrow Pacific coal project now!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Laura Stevens Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club
P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

Protect Seattle from dangerous coal exports!

RSVP for Seattle‘s Waterfront Business Appreciation Event and protect Seattle from dangerous coal exports!
Seattle's Waterfront

We all love Seattle’s waterfront because of its great restaurants, entertainment, art and culture — but mostly for views of our beautiful Puget Sound. It is part of why we choose to live here.

But imagine up to 18 coal trains, each a mile and a half long, rumbling through the waterfront daily — disrupting this vital economic tourist engine, polluting our water with toxic coal dust and making already-congested traffic worse.

That is what we will face if coal companies’ proposed 50-million-ton coal export terminal in Whatcom County gets built.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Join Mayor McGinn and Seattle waterfront businesses at a Seattle Waterfront Business Appreciation event and protect Seattle’s waterfront from dirty coal exports!

Here are the details:

WHO: Mayor Mike McGinn, Kyle Griffith, Pier 57 and Great Wheel owner, and Cary Moon, Co-Founder of People’s Waterfront Coalition

WHAT: Waterfront Business Appreciation Event

WHEN: Saturday, May 4from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Waterfront Park, 1301 Alaskan Way in between the Great Wheel and the Aquarium [Map]


Questions: Contact Robin Everett at robin.everett@sierraclub.org

NOTE: We will be giving out free prizes so that you and your family can enjoy the waterfront.  Wear red and get ready to have some fun!

Seattle’s waterfront businesses and economy will bear the cost of coal exports. It’s a bad deal for us and we need to stop it.

Join us on Saturday for our Waterfront Business Appreciation Event with Mayor McGinn, have fun with your family and learn how you can help protect Seattle from dangerous coal exports!

Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,
Robin Everett Beyond Coal Campaign
Sierra Club
P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!

Keystone XL pipeline

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Keystone XL would be nine times larger than the Arkansas tar sands pipeline that spilled through backyards.
Ten days left to submit your official comment.

Take action! The ExxonMobil tar sands pipeline spill — photo courtesy of the Sierra Club‘s Glen Hooks, on the ground in Arkansas.

Take action!

There are two things you need to know right now.

First — stopping Keystone XL is key to stopping the deadly tar sands, no matter what Big Oil and its allies say. Alternative tar sands pipelines are running into equally stiff opposition and have been delayed. TransCanada executives openly admit that without Keystone, production will be slowed. So if the tar sands don’t need Keystone, why is Big Oil spending millions on lobbyists to ram it through? [1]

Second — there are only ten days left to submit your official comment against Keystone XL. Take action today and push the total to one million comments!

The tar sands are a disaster, from start to finish. Not only are they absolutely toxic for the climate, the mining process destroys the pristine Boreal Forest and threatens Canadian First Nations.

Then, because the tar sands are so heavy and corrosive, the export pipelines are more likely to spill than conventional pipelines [2] — we saw this just days ago when rivers of oil poured through Arkansas backyards where children usually play. Two other spills happened that same week in Canada and Texas, and the first Keystone pipeline spilled 12 times in its first year alone. The 2010 Michigan tar sands spill, which sickened children and killed family pets, still hasn’t been fully cleaned up. [3]

Ask yourself: Do you want this in your home? Do you want it in your town? Do any Americans deserve to live in a community with these risky pipelines — or in a world with a threatened climate?

TransCanada executives get the profits, the rest of us get the risks. Submit your official comment to the State Department against this toxic export pipeline today!

Over the next ten days, the Sierra Club will be partnering with top environmental allies to highlight ten reasons to oppose Keystone XL. Keep an eye on our blogs and social media to learn more about the climate, the families already harmed by tar sands pipelines, alternative energy solutions, the threats tar sands pose to American Indians and First Nations, wildlife issues, and much more.

Today, we’re reminded that tar sands will not help our energy security. Keystone XL is almost assuredly an export pipeline that would send oil through America, not to America — its destination refineries export 60% of their products. Furthermore, top scientists say the tar sands are “game over” for the climate [4] — and the Pentagon has routinely identified climate change as a threat to our national security. [5]

There are countless reasons to oppose the tar sands, one of the most extreme fuels on earth. Stopping Keystone XL will be a huge step forward in that effort — submit your comment today!

Thanks for all you do,

Michael Marx
Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign Director

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues — five comments will have even more impact than one!

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[1] Israel, Josh. “Supporters Of Keystone XL Outspend Opponents 35 To 1.” Climate Progress. 20 February 2013.

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[4] Hansen, James. “Game Over for the Climate.” New York Times. 9 May 2012.

[5]  Fitzsimmons, Jill. “15 Military Leaders Who Say Climate Change Is A National Security Threat.” Media Matters. 30 May 2012.